Monday, January 28, 2013

Housing Showcase - Corwin HawkBane

Corwin HawkBane's life house is a place of whimsical faeries and fountains. When you first come to Corwin's house you can see he took allot of care in decorating.  From the very first bridge to the inside each area made special.

Corwin's favorite area is the" Pagoda in the Mist". This pagoda is set up in the water fall of the life school house, with all the water and mist surrounding this pagoda gives it a new feeling of mystery.

My favorite area of Corwin's life school house was "Serenity Falls" this area was made up of flowers and fountains, just breathe taking. I have more pictures of this area in the slideshow. Thank you so much Corwin for allowing me to visit your beautiful Wizard101 home.

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  1. Since this i have changed the inside of the house completely, it looks much better now. if you enjoy zoo's


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