Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ruthless Luke Richardson- First Pirate101 Showcase!!

Welcome to Ruthless Luke Richardson's Volcano Island , an amazing place a Pirate can relax and enjoy themselves. The first place I saw  at Luke's house was his amazing ship! Just check that out with all the royal red and blue colors. I know, I know we are here to see the amazing house but I do love a good Pirate ship ;)

As we travel all along the outside of Luke's island I saw many great places. From little villages to this awesome secret training yard. After I trained for a few moments we went inside the house. After all training can make a Pirate very tired and Oh hungry!

 Luke's favorite room is this stylish Pirate Galley. We sat and ate , I even enjoy a cup of tea before we visited all the other rooms of Luke's Volcano Island. Thank ye Luke I really enjoyed your Pirate hideout.

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