Thursday, April 12, 2018

Unicorn Hoard Pack- Wizard101

The Unicorn Hoard Pack is now available in the crowned shop. This pack comes with multi-colors of the rainbow items. For 399 crowns this pack gives you so much. Even has some new items you can acquire.

Let me tell you about the new items! Multi-colored unicorn gear sets that even have a weapon bow that coordinates with each color scheme. Omg plushie rainbow unicorn pets! They are just fabulous! New furniture toy castle and towers. I can't wait to see what I can do with those.

Did I forget to mention the best thing of all? Unicorn mounts! These come in three different color schemes to match your gear or pet. These mounts come in one day seven days or permanent. I have enough one and seven day mounts to keep me going for a while. Hope you enjoy this pack as much as I am. See you in the Spiral.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Fansite Festival Commons Dance Party 2018

Come dance with me in Wizard city commons, 
Scarecrow realm. All Areas.
 April 15, 2018 
11:00 am Central, 12:00 pm Eastern, 9:00 am Pacific.
This contest has ended.
Take a screenshot during the dance party, of yourself dancing at the party.  Make sure to have  your wizard's name showing. Tweet your screenshot to @PaigeMoonShade using the hashtag #Paigedanceparty2018 to be entered into a random draw.  Only on April 15th any entries before will not be counted

Amazing prizes to be won!!!

To see all the other contests happening the April 15, 2018  check out Fansite Festival.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wizard101 Test realm March 2018

Test realm is back and with it comes a new pet update. The hatch making kiosk allows you to browse through all the pets added  see their stats and allows you to hatch with that pet.  This hatching uses gold and hatching peppers. Peppers (reagent) are earned by having your pet hatched with. Keep in mind to use all your wizards as these peppers can be transferred through shared bank like most reagents. 
Browsing is simple look through pets by school. I found this Wartle I've been wanting and has pretty good stats.  I got him first try. Not sure if this will happen every time. I'm training him and will put him in then kiosk.  There are even new pet badges you can gain.

New things to craft. You can craft your very own kiosk and look at those new elixirs! They all take hatching peppers so use them wisely. You can see below how I gained peppers from hatch making.

Pet tome Now this is a dream come true. You can finally see all the pets you have. Just make sure to go to each house inside and outside click on your bank attic and shared bank so they all register. It's going to be a chore with all my houses. I wish it would tell me which house I have them in  this is more of a list of pets you have.
PLATINUM crafting!!! Now I can make another chain reel much easier. 

New commons and shopping district updates. I'm hearing it's only the beginning Looking great so far. You can see side my side views left side is live right side is test. To have out more about these updates check out Wizard101 Update Notes. See you in the spiral.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Test Realm Teaser - Wizard101 Coming Soon.

Test Realm is coming soon! I wonder where that boat is headed. Not sure if that robot needs fixing? Celestia? So what I can tell there are many worlds we will be traveling. Wonder what for?

Friday, March 9, 2018

Patty's Luck of the Draw- Wizard101

Tweet to Paige MoonShade this hashtag #PattysCodeRandomDraw on Twitter to be entered in to a random draw.  This draw runs from March 9, 2018 to March 17, 2018 10:00 am central.
This contest has ended
Random Draw - Random Prize!

4 Draws Per day March 10 through 16th
7 Draws on the 17th

These codes are only 1 per account. You may only win once
Prizes will be handed out via Twitter Direct Messages. 
This means you need to be following me to receive your prize

Codes can be redeemed from any location worldwide, but are only redeemable at for use on the KingsIsle version of Wizard101. This promotion cannot be redeemed for Gameforge or Taomee hosted versions of the game.

 To enter your game code:

* Enter your account information and click LOGIN

* Enter your unique code and press SUBMIT


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Keira MistShard Market Town- Wizard101 Housing Blog Spot

Today I bring the house of Keira MistShard.  Keira's market town has places where all of her beastmen work and live.  They grow and sell all of their goods. Beastmen are known for the excellence in gardening.

I mentioned that beastmen are excellent gardeners. Just look at these mushrooms and gardens! Beastmen grow them big! Alphoi are so amazed at these gardeners they made a deal with the beastmen to take all the good they can carry to their towns. 

In the center of town you can see all the loading zones surrounding the tree of life which brings all of nutrients to the beastmen's gardens.  Beastmen say oxygen and water are the keys plus lots of love for gardening.  Maybe a secret or two they wouldn't tell.  I think it's more magic than anything. ;)

Alphoi come to market town and start  loading up wagons. Loading zones even have goods that are harder to get to such as grains, milk and baskets that are crafted. You can see open loading zones where wagons are arriving. One is loading zone is closed, I guess he is all loaded and  ready to head out of town.

Spike horns do all the mining for market town. You can see them here mining in the walls and water for those precious gems. I think someone needs to go inside to mine some of the bones. I hear bone meal has some healing properties to it. 

Here we have a newly constructed bridge heading to the apple orchard. 

All of this early morning marketing and worn me out. Until next time, Happy House Decorating.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Zero Energy for Fishing- Wizard101 Member Benefit

 That's right Wizards this weekend is zero energy for fishing weekend.  What does that mean? Members while fishing use no energy!! It's time to fill in my spreadsheet. As many of you know I have a wizard house full of fish, this house has one fish for each of its size. Becoming a member of Wizard101 you can have so many benefits.  Check them out here. This benefit ends Monday, February 19, 2018.