Friday, July 12, 2019

Tenth Annual Best Little Dorm in Wizard City- Contest

I simply love a decorated dorm. 


Let's get ready to ----DECORATE!!!

Do you have the best dorm in Wizard City?

Do you like to decorate?

The Tenth Annual Best Little Dorm in Wizard City contest starts now! Hurry! You only have until July 22 , 2019 4:00 pm Central to enter. This isn't just any little old decorating contest, though. There are twists and turns ahead!

The Twist:
Decorate your dorm to represent what you think "Night and Day" themed dorm would be like.
Example:  Design your dorm to represent "Night and Day ( It can be literal or philosophical). " Explain in a paragraph your Night and Day theme.
Twist pt 2: You must use all 5 items below.

1. Palm fronds
2. Padded Stool
3. Mantle Clock
4. 1 Theater Mask (Only one, no more than one) Crowned shop 5000 gold
5. Dragon Pedestal

Wizard101 Central Wiki  Has an great search engine to find housing items

Wait! Here's your Turn!

The Turn: 
Write 2 paragraphs : Both paragraphs are important, must have both

Paragraph 1 -Write about how your dorm represents The theme "Night and Day". Explain your theme. Be creative

Paragraph 2 - Focus on the use of the 5  special items. Making a LIST ( as in 1-5) will not be accepted.  Must be in paragraph form

( Be sure to tell the Judges how you used each of the 5 items and how they worked into your dorm room theme and design.)
Putting an item in the corner and saying, oh I dropped that over there, doesn't give the reason why you used that item. 
This is a decorating contest you must at least try to decorate. Glitching is not required to win

( You may add a title.)

Official Rules:
* Using all 5 items pictured above, you must decorate your dorm to represent the theme "Night and Day".
* This contest begins July 12, 2019 and ends July 22, 2019 at 4:00 pm  (Wizard101) Central time. 
* You may use as many other items as you wish to make your dorm complete.
* You may only enter once.
* 2 Paragraphs must be sent with your entry screenshots.
* 3 screenshots will be allowed (no videos), No more than 3.
List of screenshots; 
Do not edit your screenshots. Do not write on your screenshots.
A. Your wizard (with name showing) must be in one of the screenshots. (This screenshot CANNOT use control G or Photomancy)
B. This screenshot must show as many of the 5 items as possible , hidden items must be seen, (Judges cannot tell if you have all 5 items if they can't see them). Any of the 5 items not shown must be seen in one of the other screenshots
C. One best over all screenshot of your dorm room. (This screen shot you CAN use control G).
* All prizes will be awarded Via email of entry.
* Nobody may win in more than one category of prizes.
* To be fair to all entries you must stay within the dorm room space. (If you use floating/castle magic techniques you must stay within the walls of your dorm room.) Sinking items into walls is fine. Outside (Blue areas) walls cannot be seen in screenshots.
* Your wizard name must be sent with your entry. (Such as Paige MoonShade)
* Yes you may use build a castle blocks, though you still must stay within the dorm room walls.
* Friendly suggestion; Don't build your dorm in test realm. Reasoning being test can reset or close at anytime with little notice.

How to enter:
Following the official rules posted above, you will decorate your dorm in a "Night and Day" theme and submit with no more than 3 screen shots of your dorm along with your 2 paragraphs by July 22, 2019 at 4:00 PM Central US time.
How do I submit entries? Send all entries to email.

( If you are under the age of 13 you need to have your parents or guardians permission.)

Late entries will not be accepted. Please make sure everything is correct before sending your entry in. Any entry with more than 3 screenshots and more than 2 paragraphs will be immediately disqualified. No exceptions." No editing will be allowed on screenshots, ( Do not Write on your screenshots). Please take your time and make sure everything is just how you want it.

Please read the Questions and answer in comments before you ask your question it is mostly like already answered. If you get to bottom of page  LOAD MORE for more Q & A. Please do not ask a question that has already been answered a few times . I will not answer the same question that has already been answered please read the Comments to find your answers. 

Good Luck Everyone! 
Here are your prizes. :)
Thank you KingsIsle for these amazing prizes!

Over 30 winners !!!!! 

Grand Prize
30000 Non-Transferable Crowns
EverAfter Village House
Botanical Gardens House
2 Additional Castle Elixirs
Teleport Tapestry Bazaar
Fantasic Voyage Gaunlet
6 Sonic Springs

First Place 
30000 Non-Transferable Crowns
EverAfter Village House
1 Additional Castle Elixir
6 Sonic Springs

Second Place 
25000 Non-Transferable Crowns
EverAfter Village House
1 Additional Castle Elixir
6 Sonic Springs

Third Place
20000 Non-Transferable Crowns
EverAfter Village House
1 Additional Castle Elixir

4 Judges Choice Awards 
25000 Non-Transferable Crowns
EverAfter Village House
Botanical Gardens House
2 Additional Castle Elixirs
Teleport Tapestry Bazaar
Fantasic Voyage Gaunlet
6 Sonic Springs

15 Honorable Mentions
5000 Non-Transferable Crowns

10 Random Draws(valid entries only)
2500 Non transferable Crowns

*Valid entry = All 5 items, 2 paragraphs, no more than 3 screenshots of your decorated dorm room and your Wizards name.

Codes can be redeemed from any location worldwide, but are only redeemable at for use on the KingsIsle version of Wizard101. This promotion cannot be redeemed for Gameforge or Taomee hosted versions of the game.
To enter your game code:
* Visit
* Enter your account information and click LOGIN
* Enter your unique code and press SUBMIT
* Redeem your item(s) from the in-game gift window or look for rewards of Crowns to appear in your Crowns History on the website.
Maximum number of redemption's per code: 1
Maximum number of unique codes that can be redeemed per account from this promotion: 1
If you encounter an problem redeeming your game code, please send an email to and include your code and Wizard101 account name, but never the password!

Misc Information:
Name must be shown in one . How to get name to show, Open Spell book-- gear--first joystick--overhead names everyone.

The meaning of Inside the dorm walls. This means You may sink items into wall for a feel but if you have to go outside the wall space to take a screenshot , it's a no.

How to take a Screenshot!
( Advice is to close chat box)
Players can quickly take a screenshot now using the Print Screen button on their keyboard. This will save the file in your C:/Program Files/KingsIsle Entertainment/Wizard101/Bin folder (note this will capture your entire screen, so if you are running Wizard windowed, it will capture everything on your screen) You will see the following text to let you know you took a screenshot. In your email make sure to state which image is A,B or C

Another way to take a screenshot using your Print Screen button. Follow these steps:
while in the game, press Alt+PrtScn buttons
Alt+Tab to desktop and start MSPaint or similar application
create new image file
press Ctrl+V or otherwise paste the clipboard content
save the file in a safe place you'll remember 

(Desktop is what I use) I would name your screenshot A,B or C

You can then either drag your screenshot into your email or add it as attachment to email to my contest email. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Decorating month is postponed

Dear Reader,

Decorating month is postponed this year.  My in real life is very bust for June. Below will be posted some helpful links for decorating.

Thank you
Paige MoonShade

Dorm Room Decorating 101 Part2

Terra Forming-Simple and Easy

The Art of Making Something Come to Life

Spider Webs and Candles

The art of making something new

Simple Floating Tips Using A Carved Podium

Creating Apple Trees

Themed Decorating

Dorm Decorating with Castle Magic

Dorm Decorating Without Glitching

Sinking Large Items in Dorm Walls

Player Detectors Castle Magic

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Display Treasure Cads

 Wizard101 introduced the treasure display, for 550 crowns each you can display all of your most valued cards. as seen below you can see the full version treasure card display. This version is great to show off your most priced treasure cards.

 With portrait only you can transfer the treasure card into a portrait version. This is my favorite way of display. When you decide you do not want that treasure card displayed simply switch to another and that card goes back in your hand. I had a lot of fun testing each treasure card to see what they looked like.

Now for those crafters out there you can pick up this recipe in the Wizard City Library from Kara RuneWright for 20,000 gold. This recipe seems to be a very simple one too. Can't wait to see All of those treasure cards displayed.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Fansite Festival 2019

Come dance with me in Wizard city commons, 
Scarecrow realm. All Areas.
 April 13, 2019 
10:00 am Central, 11:00 am Eastern, 8:00 am Pacific.

Take a screenshot during the dance party, of yourself dancing at the party.  Make sure to have  your wizard's name showing. Tweet your screenshot to @PaigeMoonShade using the hashtag #Paigedanceparty2019 to be entered into a random draw.  Only on April 13th any entries before will not be counted

Amazing prizes to be won!!!

To see all the other contests happening the April 13, 2018  check out Fansite Festival

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Spring Cleaning Contest From KingsIsle

It's spring cleaning time and what better way to celebrate spring is with a contest from KingsIsle.  Check out Spring decorating contest at Wizard101 HERE. You only have until March 24, 2019

Friday, March 1, 2019

Bubblier Music Player - Wiz101

Introducing the bubblier music player. This fantastic gem is an amazing addition to Wizard101 music players and for only 2000 crowns it's a steal. 

I added this gem to my leisure dome apartment. I feel it gives that apartment and added fun factor.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Friendship Cards Contest - Winners

Congratulations Winners
Love to hang out at the Jungle Boat disco to boogie down with my friends.

This is Betty Davis and I'm hanging out in Avery Court with my best friend Flora Nightingale. We have just stop by to see Captain Avery and picked up our newest quest line called Diplomacy.

Keira MistShard has had a Super Bowl Party at her Metropolitan Manor for the past 10 years. In this screen shot we can see her and her friends getting ready to prep the house for the night's event. It should be wonderful time for all. 

My friendship card shows me with one of my best wizard friends.  We quest together, hatch pets together, show off our beautifully decorated wizard homes to each other, and I value our friendship.

Shallow Jane Pinkney and I, Eccentric Elijah Everheart, are hanging out on the beach in Skull Island just doing a little pirate watching. From this advantage we can see all the new friendship mounts and awesome pirates outfits other pirates are wearing.

My old enemy and I just chillin after squashing our beef. We're best buds now. We have our differences, but we will always love each other . We don't judge each other for our pasts, but we are understanding of our previous conflict.

The game wouldn't be the same without you, so first thing I remembered was how we meet.. at this tricky Brain surgeon pond lol. Ty for all the knowledge that you share.

 What better way to celebrate the love of friendship than a rocking dance party!  My besties love to get together for Valentines to appreciate each other and the gift of friendship that we share.  Everyone is always invited, because we can never have enough friends :)

This is me dancing away in the commons just having fun with all these amazing people in the spiral. I love going to these events it just brings people closer and to get to know them more better and maybe being friends when this is all over. And starting new adventures with them in the spiral.

This is me and my two best friends just hanging out and doing silly stuff. For starters one found out about the emojis so it was so funny after but made a picture how it all started.

Here is my friendship card with my best of the best buddies in wizard101. This is our squad with our three complete different wings mounts. But we all got one thing in common we all love this game so much and we always play together no matter what.

I just love meeting  my friends in The Commons and just catch up on our day. We talk about what's been going on and then we help each other battle bosses for drops or for questing. Friends make every day in the Spiral better!

All codes have been sent out.