Monday, April 26, 2010

Decorating the cheap way

I have seen some wonderful houses. You can make a house beautiful with little gold.
First off you must have the house ;) this is only for decorating. The lowest price house can make a great place I posted a couple pictures of the Wizard City Cottage and I used pretty much the less costly things I could find.

You don't have to over load a house to make it stand out, Sometimes less is better. I named this

house Day & Night simple and easy to do, if I remember right the most costly things were the trees. I had recipes for the 2 banners from another house I made but they didn't really cost that much at all and reagents for them were easily harvested.

The bazaar has some of the cheapest furniture items, find stuff they have a lot in stock makes them cheaper, you would be amazed by the things you can do with a ball of yarn or the krok tablets. Check out the furniture shops and don't forget those boss drops cheapest way to get what you need and you also make gold by selling the things you don't need, which helps for any items that cost a bit more like the trees.
Until next time.Happy House Decorating

Hope to see you around the Spiral.
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