Saturday, April 24, 2010

Housing Wizard Style

I love wizard101 housing, let me guess you knew that already ;) , that is ok . Let me tell you how I decorate a house for me themed housing is what I love best , yes I have a some what normal decor, but love themed.

Most of my housing ideals start from something someone says to me ( as in they are gardening outside today) or a piece of furniture I found and said OH! I know what I can do with this.

Right now I am in the middle of 3 major projects " The battlefield ", Wizard101 World Museum" and "Condos" , yes I am about ready to make Condos Wizard style ;)

As you can tell I name each themed house, Let me name a few of them
Day & Night
Paige's Party Palace
O Christmas tree
Pirate's Cove
Desert Oasis
Fire & Ice
Botanical Gardens
Autumn Breeze
Miss Molly's Dragon's Roost
Enchanted Camp Grounds
Stormy Boat Dock
Melted Ice
These are just a few of the many houses I have made.
Let's talk about decorating.
The key to a successful housing theme Is to stay on that theme, key to making it looks great is something I call the Wow factor.
Wow factor means : That very first impression set the stage for the rest of the house.

In days to come I'll talk about decorating different styles and placements .I'll even talk some on unique techniques ;) I have picked up from many friends and some I just learned how.Happy House decorating.

Hope to see around the spiral
Your friend
Paige MoonShade

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