Monday, May 31, 2010

Paige's Pet Sanctuary

Greetings wizards,
I want to let everyone know my good computer is in the shop , so right now I am doing everything on a tiny netbook, so please forgive me for quality. Thank you.

Paige's Pet Sanctuary on going segment, Let's see where did we leave off ? Oh that rights, How to put flowers in a vase, as seen in picture above , you will need a carved podium , rug and board , see that carved podium on left with ball of yarn on it? you can lift things up by using that place odject on top then turn once and move ( don't pick it up just move it) this will leave the odject lifted. Now for the flowers as only one fits on top of podium and who only want one flower in a vase right? Your will need to set the podium ontop of the rug and board then place flower turn podium and move then pick up rug. leaves that one flower, you wont need rug and board for next step. Now place the podium close to the lifted flower and place next flower turn podium and move, then simply place the vase under both . See flowers ina vase:) It took me a few trys to figure out how to get that 2nd flower but I did it, never give up keep trying. The next picture is the one I said would be a treat this is something I made for Christmas took me podiums and my wizard standing on creates to reach top of tree for topper and help from friends ;) for guiding. When going high work from top down to stack objects like for this tree. Hope you enjoy this:)

Let's talk views. For each area of your house views are the most important ideas, Views meaning the look of that area and how others will see it. You can have everything you need placed all over and say this is what my house is about ,yet if doesn't flow no one else will see your theme you are trying to represent. Here is a little area I made it is to represent my idea of unicorn way, I hope you think so too. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cannon Mini Game issues

Message from KI
We're aware of an issue that tells players that their Cannon shot missed, when it appears to have hit the target.

Until we are able to address this issue, please know that if you choose to play the Cannon game and experience a miss when it clearly was a hit, press the ESCAPE key and you will be taken out of the mini-game without a deduction to your Pet Energy.

Paige's Pet Sanctuary pt4

Greetings Wizards,

First off above you will find the finished wall picture doesn't it look great? I do wish I could paint that wall, hum Furniture ideal ;) paints :). wouldn't it look even better with the gray color?. As you can tell the wall fits pretty well there , add the trees to finish the look. Now remember the world houses only allow for small houses 50 out and 150 in items and larger ones allow 150 out and 250 in so we are going to have to watch our item count closely to get the right look. New school housing allows 250 in and out, pet count for all are 50 in and out which is 100 total, wow.

OK back to decorating, lets walk inside and take a peek. Lets see I have started a visitor sitting area and a feeding station, lets look at the feeding station after all we got to take care of our pets. Can you see it starting to work ? we got bowls for all our flying pets on the wall, easily done with a wall shelf place bowl and then move shelf over, this also works to place candles or other things on your walls. We got feeding troughs on floor, I really liked the look of them, Oh look kitty already eating out of one. New furniture ideal I would like some new types of foods like the pet snacks to put in the food bowls, tell me some of your ideals for furniture. On my next segment I will teach how to put flowers in vases and will show you one of my major ideals that I made for last Christmas ,sneak peek picture below. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pets go live!!!!

I wake up this morning to play the few minutes I have on till computer is fix to fine out pets are going live!!!! YAY so now when my computer is fixed I get to enjoy all the feature advanced pets have in live realm too :) By the way computer parts have arrived and tech comes out Friday woot!. Oh no I just realized my pet house isn't ready. I'll have to put a rush on it after comp is fix ;) until next time.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Monday, May 24, 2010

Paige's Pet Sanctuary pt3

Greetings wizard friends,

Due to computer problems I am unable to go very long in the game, yet I was able to get a few things done today. First off, we need to care for the safety of our young pets ;) On the outside of this house there is a broken wall section well, I think we need to repair that. Let me show you how to fix an area the best way we can. Yes we could use many things to do this, such as those towers you win from all worlds or I like this broken wall segment. Most of the time you can find these in the bazaar or they are dropped by random mob enemies in Dragonspyre. You will need that small blue trimmed rug, tic tac toe board and a tatami mat from Mooshu. Just to say a friend of mine showed me this one day when she was trying to get her row boats to float in her house (Thanks, Alura)

To float big items such as walls, fountains and much more you will need to place this small rug on the ground. Add your board then move only the rug to where you want to place the bigger object. Now place your tatami mat on ground, place your big item so only a very tiny piece of mat is showing. You’re going to move this item by that tiny little piece then move it to the board, placing it in place. Then pick up only that small rug. Behold the fixed wall ;) . You can now add trees, statues, and more to make the look complete. I added trees. After all this is a pet house :). Until next time, happy house decorating.

Next housing segment will be next week. I will then post a picture of the finished wall area on this segment at that time, thank you for understanding.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pet Hybrids and thoughts about Derby

Greetings my wizard friends,
I want to talk a bit about Pet Hybrids, we are starting to see so many :) First off Thank you KI I hope you decide to keep this feature as this is most definitely what the new pet system was lacking. I want to Thank Pet Master and everyone for all the hard work they have put in his hybrid topic on central So far I have gotten 3 new hybrid which are simply wonderful, Ghost hound, Grove unicorn and what looks to be a frost beetle? hasn't hatched yet but got the picture ;) As days go by watch the Pet master blog "Wizard101propets" or topic on central Hybrid pets , I am sure he will have a complete list of all the hybrids soon enough.

Level 48 hyrid pet I have still not luck with this but wanting to try the some of the wraith mixing I want to see if they are both schools or are they still only death . I did try a helephant and hydra and each of us got another one of our pets :( I figure this is because no hybrid was made yet. I saw posted a icy blue hydrid( mixed of a colossus and wraith) and a reddish brown wraith( wraith and hydra) these are found in DeathShard's topic on central level 48 Hybrids . I hope to see more and more of these hybrids as days go by in wizard101 and want to thank KI for their wonderful hard work on this.

My thoughts on Pet Derby

Thank you Hana and Tyson for this great derby jump picture :)

let's talk about the Pet derby, have you tried it lately? I was having trouble with it before KI reset test but now oh yeah this is so much fun. My Fog unicorn ,ok let this be known I am not great at these types of things but i do like them. So far Lady Luna has only came in 3rd one time :) There is no bickering between opponents like in PvP ,don't get me wrong I like fun times in the old arena where it does not count and you are free to play how ever you want even if you wear a transmuted outfit, even central tournaments make everything simple and so much fun so people don't get that bickering but the pet derby I think is gonna be my favorite type of PvP.WOOT! You race most times against 3 other pets dodging obsticals, using Jumps, and causing your opponents to move lanes, slow and so many other things ;). All this fun and even pets dance at end if you win. until next time :) Happy hatching and racing.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Creature Reveal from Celestia

Thata right wizards we have another sneak peek :) , all I can say is can I have that weapon , pleeeasseeee :D.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paige's Pet Sanctuary pt2

Hello all my wizard friends, remember where we left off last time? yes that is correct , we had a great big mess. As you see in the pictures it is not so messy anymore ,in fact, there is now that fence of looms ;) looks great huh? Let me show you a trick ,to get a fence as close to a wall as possible you we need a small rug usually any will work but I like the small blue trimmed rug and a tic tac toe board or chessboard depending on size of fence. Now place the rug in the direction of where your fence is going , then place board on top of it leaving part of rug showing, move only rug to where wall is and place it , then place piece of fence. Now you pick up only that rug, yay fence is as close as you can get to that wall. (seen in picture below) The same goes for any hard to place item places like in the middle there ;) where I placed that statue. You can also see trees and plants are starting to be placed in spot that might look great but we will see at the final stages if any need to be adjusted, we will get back to that later.

Lets take a trip inside to see what has been going on in there ;) I now have all my wallpaper and flooring placed in the rooms. Its starting to look like a part of a pet sanctuary starting but I want to show you a room I have been working on. Here we have a pet nursery ,yes we need to care for all those eggs we will be making. I took pile of straw and placed a drake egg on top of it to look like a nest, ok I know your saying you cannot place anything on those ,yes you can ;). Same trick with rig and board but your going to float the pile of straw , then after you pick up the rug your straw will be left and you are able to set the egg right on top of it. YAY nursery is done :) like it?

Looks like I need more gold for more things which will take me a couple of days. I also need to find things that look like food besides fish bones and bones to place in feeding dishes, got any ideals? until next time. Happy House Decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paige's Pet Sanctuary

Remember the house you are going to see me decorate? well here we go :)
Step one gold you will need gold there are many ways to make a lot of gold my favorite spot is in Ravenscar but there are so many other ways have you checked your attics in your houses? I find so much unneeded stuff or stuff I forgot I put there with the thoughts of oh I might be able to use that ;) If you find you cannot, sell it, simple?  You can always battle or help others to get gold to buy it back later, anything odd or unusual I always keep might need it in another house one day.

Now once you got your gold remember have your house already bought. Come take a trip to the bazaar with me, this is the place for the best shopping for housing items. This is where other players have sold unwanted or not needed items ;). You can also buy feom every world they all have housing decorations shops. If you have your theme picked out for your house like I do for this one Paige's Pet Sanctuary you will know what kind of items you will be looking for. I am looking for anything that could be use for a pet or a pet would like. Oh see already found something a ball of yarn would be a great item a pet would like, wouldn't you say? and at 99 gold. Oh yes you can also win these items for free by battling in Marleybone many of the regular street fights drop items like this.There are many guides on the wizard101 fan sites to find what enemy drops what item. Wizard101central has many great guides if you go there just click on housing and look at the sticky posts.

Yay we got a full back pack lets head to the house for our first step , you ask what is step 1? well that simple Drop it all off ;) just randomly throw everything you bought any where so you can see it all :). I want to see what I have bought from all worlds and from bazaar. Wow look at this mess yet while looking I am already seeing my theme come to life, can't you?   I see food for pets, I see a fence that can be made , where you ask? see those looms on the side ;) Those looms you won so many of while battling the elder ravens in Ravenscar ;) those , yes those will make a great fence. I have most of my inside if not all of my wall paper and flooring. Ok your saying that is a lot of stuff for outside ,it's not all for outside I just dropped it there to look at it. I can now start moving things around to inside and where I want to place things around the yard, see watch I'll clean it up ;). Stay tuned to see how things start to fit in place. Until next time. Happy House Decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pets and Pedigree PT 3

Today I was able to mix Harley and Spike Woot! I got a new warrior Baby Midnight now this is where I am getting confused to my understanding these pets are suppose to mix stats correct?, yet I am getting the same stats over and over on the warrior.
Same talents and traits as of yet. When mixing a Wraith with Spike I got a Wraith unable to equip it to my ice wizard I wont be able to train this pet so I'll have to wait until baby Midnight my newest Warrior pet Hatches to train to adult to see if he gets the same talents as Spike or a mix of Spike and Harley. I am hoping for a mix as this is what my understanding of pet hatching is? Please give me your thoughts and ideals.This quote was taken from the test realm notes on Wizard101 site.

"The egg will take the appearance of one of the original pets, but the Traits & Powers will mix and match. Which pet and which traits...who can say? Once the egg has hatched, your new pet is just a baby, and needs to be trained and fed.

So I need input ;) to help me understand if I am doing this wrong? Until next time.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pets and Housing

Time to get back to what I know best :). What is that you ask? Housing of course ;)
lets start by teaching you a bit about playing with your pets.
1. Dance with them they love to dance.
2. Call to them all you need to do is clap your hands and the pets come running .
3. Scold well I do have issues with this O.o if you scold them they look sad and run away :(. Wishes for a better interaction than scold ;) HINT HINT.ok, ok Begs? Just kidding.

Now for housing.
Did you know if you make a rug stage ;)
Pets will dance on it and some might even jump on and off to dance ;).

I am sure there are so many different ways and styles that can make pets a special part of the new ways of housing. What Ideas can you come up with?
I am seeing a world of possibilities. I have started building my Pet Sanctuary,
want a sneak peek see picture below

Stay tuned as You will get to watch me create this house step by step :)
Until next time Happy House decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pets and Pedigree PT 2

Part 2 of this experiment goes into a bit more detail of the Skeletal Warrior 53(9) and Pale Maiden 54(22) mix I had done with my friend Kayla. We had ended up with 2 Skeletal Warriors now called the Spike twins ;)Both came with a pedigree of 54(0).

At adults they ended with a pedigree of 54(11) both had same talents and derby skills so It did not matter what we fed them to both get same as I was only feeding items that he just ate(not liked) to bring up stats I did this to see if there would be a differance( Now if you pet likes or loves the treat he does give you extra points).Once both Spikes were adults we decided to mix them to see if the pedigree got higher seems to be same new pet hatched today we named them both Isabella.

After the Isabellas grow into adults we will see if talents and derby are still same, although I have a feeling they will be I will be feeding only foods the pet likes or loves this time.
Now I have a new pet Ianthine Spectre Now this pets stats are 58(0) at baby Kayla said wonder what would happen after this pet is adult if we mixed it with one of the Skeletal Warriors (spikes) would it get a higher stat for warrior or would we get a Spectre with same or lower pedigree. So now I am off to make
Spectre an adult to mix with a Warrior pet. stay tuned to see what happens next

I would like to hear from you What mixes have you tried and what stats did you get?
until next time. Happy pet farming.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Meet My wizard family

Sorry this was to be posted before my system crashed but its up now Hope you all enjoy it as much as they had fun :)
until next time
Hope to see you around the spiral
Your Friend
Paige MoonShade

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet the MunchKids

My Niece and Nephews said they wanted to be on my blog ,So Let me introduce them to you.We are a Wizards family that love to play wizard101. Like all kids They will get bored with one thing of wizard101, yet they seem to find something they would like to do. Wizard101 can give children and parents that play together hours of family time ( have you ever played hide and seek with your kids in game?). When we quest or do anything else together I can hear them from the other room Auntie! what do I do here? :D I laugh and say where ? I have taught them about good game etiquette , also the what could be considered personal info which never should be said in game. So really I have no worries about them playing alone but they always know I am just a yell away. Did you know this game also helps with much learning? Math for one and just learning how to be social in an enviroment of a whole world and many cultures.

Thank you KI for one of the best family games!

First we have Katie WillowWalker and her new favorite pet the myth sprite, she tried many times and finally won her yesterday in test realm, she was so excited about winning her. Katie thinks pets are the best thing about wizard101, she loves the mini games and all. She isn't sure if she will mix her pets but she said maybe one day.

Next in order is Karic WildMancer, His favorite school is storm but likes Myth for PvP, yet his favorite spell is tempest. He likes the new pets updates ,how you can train the pets ,mini games(favorite game is the maze)in the derby his Firezilla" Baby Gummy" does pretty good at it. His hopes are to win the Icezilla in live realm so he has all 3 types of zillas.

Now we have Chris DarkfFlame, His favorite school is death but is really liking storm school, favorite pet is the wraith. Chris likes questing,leveling and most of all farming.
The new pets updates really interest him all the new types of pets that are being drop and plans farming for many of them. He really likes the dancing game.
He is kinda interested in the mixing of pets but not thrilled about it. Really want to do training and get many pets.Pet Derby he says is ok but might get more into it after it goes live.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pets and Pedigree

While Mixing pets I realized that the pedigrees mean a lot My friend (Kayla "wizard name") had a pale Maiden pedigree of 54(22) When I mixed with my Skeletal Warrior which is 53(9)

We both got a new Warrior with a score of 54(0) , Which is higher than the one I started with , all this being said makes me wonder what would happen if I mixed with a pet with a card or a even higher pet? When someone asked me about the numbers I was at a blank then my friend explained it ,your Pedigree determines the talents and powers and What your pet will be able to do. Higher pedigree is better. So train your pets get them as high as they can go then mix them and see what happens next;). I bet some get a very powerful pet.Until next time.

Hope to see you around the spiral.
Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pets and Housing

Brought to you from dancing Molly

It was mentioned to me that some pets weren't happy in different spot of your house, so I tested this and sure enough my Molly ( pale maiden ) would not dance outside I took her inside and found a place she would dance. Pay attention to your pets if they wont dance move them. I think pets are going to become some of the most active parts of housing yet :) Think about it you can now have cats and dogs in your house like you would in real life and imagine some of the themed houses! How would you like a haunted house with actual spiders,mummys and ghost! ;) Until next time Happy house decorating.

Hope to see you around the spiral
Your friend,
Paige MoonShade