Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meet the MunchKids

My Niece and Nephews said they wanted to be on my blog ,So Let me introduce them to you.We are a Wizards family that love to play wizard101. Like all kids They will get bored with one thing of wizard101, yet they seem to find something they would like to do. Wizard101 can give children and parents that play together hours of family time ( have you ever played hide and seek with your kids in game?). When we quest or do anything else together I can hear them from the other room Auntie! what do I do here? :D I laugh and say where ? I have taught them about good game etiquette , also the what could be considered personal info which never should be said in game. So really I have no worries about them playing alone but they always know I am just a yell away. Did you know this game also helps with much learning? Math for one and just learning how to be social in an enviroment of a whole world and many cultures.

Thank you KI for one of the best family games!

First we have Katie WillowWalker and her new favorite pet the myth sprite, she tried many times and finally won her yesterday in test realm, she was so excited about winning her. Katie thinks pets are the best thing about wizard101, she loves the mini games and all. She isn't sure if she will mix her pets but she said maybe one day.

Next in order is Karic WildMancer, His favorite school is storm but likes Myth for PvP, yet his favorite spell is tempest. He likes the new pets updates ,how you can train the pets ,mini games(favorite game is the maze)in the derby his Firezilla" Baby Gummy" does pretty good at it. His hopes are to win the Icezilla in live realm so he has all 3 types of zillas.

Now we have Chris DarkfFlame, His favorite school is death but is really liking storm school, favorite pet is the wraith. Chris likes questing,leveling and most of all farming.
The new pets updates really interest him all the new types of pets that are being drop and plans farming for many of them. He really likes the dancing game.
He is kinda interested in the mixing of pets but not thrilled about it. Really want to do training and get many pets.Pet Derby he says is ok but might get more into it after it goes live.

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