Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paige's Pet Sanctuary

Remember the house you are going to see me decorate? well here we go :)
Step one gold you will need gold there are many ways to make a lot of gold my favorite spot is in Ravenscar but there are so many other ways have you checked your attics in your houses? I find so much unneeded stuff or stuff I forgot I put there with the thoughts of oh I might be able to use that ;) If you find you cannot, sell it, simple?  You can always battle or help others to get gold to buy it back later, anything odd or unusual I always keep might need it in another house one day.

Now once you got your gold remember have your house already bought. Come take a trip to the bazaar with me, this is the place for the best shopping for housing items. This is where other players have sold unwanted or not needed items ;). You can also buy feom every world they all have housing decorations shops. If you have your theme picked out for your house like I do for this one Paige's Pet Sanctuary you will know what kind of items you will be looking for. I am looking for anything that could be use for a pet or a pet would like. Oh see already found something a ball of yarn would be a great item a pet would like, wouldn't you say? and at 99 gold. Oh yes you can also win these items for free by battling in Marleybone many of the regular street fights drop items like this.There are many guides on the wizard101 fan sites to find what enemy drops what item. Wizard101central has many great guides if you go there just click on housing and look at the sticky posts.

Yay we got a full back pack lets head to the house for our first step , you ask what is step 1? well that simple Drop it all off ;) just randomly throw everything you bought any where so you can see it all :). I want to see what I have bought from all worlds and from bazaar. Wow look at this mess yet while looking I am already seeing my theme come to life, can't you?   I see food for pets, I see a fence that can be made , where you ask? see those looms on the side ;) Those looms you won so many of while battling the elder ravens in Ravenscar ;) those , yes those will make a great fence. I have most of my inside if not all of my wall paper and flooring. Ok your saying that is a lot of stuff for outside ,it's not all for outside I just dropped it there to look at it. I can now start moving things around to inside and where I want to place things around the yard, see watch I'll clean it up ;). Stay tuned to see how things start to fit in place. Until next time. Happy House Decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

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