Monday, May 31, 2010

Paige's Pet Sanctuary

Greetings wizards,
I want to let everyone know my good computer is in the shop , so right now I am doing everything on a tiny netbook, so please forgive me for quality. Thank you.

Paige's Pet Sanctuary on going segment, Let's see where did we leave off ? Oh that rights, How to put flowers in a vase, as seen in picture above , you will need a carved podium , rug and board , see that carved podium on left with ball of yarn on it? you can lift things up by using that place odject on top then turn once and move ( don't pick it up just move it) this will leave the odject lifted. Now for the flowers as only one fits on top of podium and who only want one flower in a vase right? Your will need to set the podium ontop of the rug and board then place flower turn podium and move then pick up rug. leaves that one flower, you wont need rug and board for next step. Now place the podium close to the lifted flower and place next flower turn podium and move, then simply place the vase under both . See flowers ina vase:) It took me a few trys to figure out how to get that 2nd flower but I did it, never give up keep trying. The next picture is the one I said would be a treat this is something I made for Christmas took me podiums and my wizard standing on creates to reach top of tree for topper and help from friends ;) for guiding. When going high work from top down to stack objects like for this tree. Hope you enjoy this:)

Let's talk views. For each area of your house views are the most important ideas, Views meaning the look of that area and how others will see it. You can have everything you need placed all over and say this is what my house is about ,yet if doesn't flow no one else will see your theme you are trying to represent. Here is a little area I made it is to represent my idea of unicorn way, I hope you think so too. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. I think that's a nice guide!

    *Ahem* OFF-TOPIC (sorry about this) could you follow me on twitter ( For a true friend code at least? lol

    Thanks anyway...

  2. Sure thing MWS i thought i was but i am now :D

  3. You are really awesome at this, I love it! I would really like to see your house some day, it looks wonderful. I aspire to be like you, at least in housing, Paige.

  4. Thank you Jessica anytime you like let me know


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