Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Housing Segment

Greetings Wizards,

As I have been asked by so many people how do you do that, I have decided I'll give out the secret. Just remember This is not needed to make an amazing house, I have seen some houses that never use this at all and I was Wowed by them ;) I have even made many houses without this technique. I will wont say it is a necessity to do this even but I know many people like this technique.

How to raise an item 101:
Items you will need 3 small rugs ( I like the small blue trimmed easy bought of WC shop), either a tic tac toe board or chess board depending on size of area, creates ( jellybeans , hot dogs , pudding ,ect...) ,depending on how high you want to go and a few tatami mats if you item is very big, shown in a earlier segment.
Step 1: Take 2 boxes and place them side by side, now take 2 small rugs place them end to end as in picture, place them on the side by side boxes. Next move the boxes apart ,is best to move the box with only half rug on it, you should have 2 boxes with rugs on it now,Seen in picture above.

Step 2: Take a small rug and a board and put them together as I posted in a earlier segment.( pet house one) move only the rug and place it on one of the rugs so you see this as in picture above.Now you can place any item you want on that board , next your going to highlight the rug and pick it up (only the rug ) to leave the raised item ,you can now remove any boxes left.

Hope this helps answer some questions,until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. kewl! question: how do you LOWER items? i saw my friend had like a whole underground temple-thing under his fire house, how do i do that?

  2. Oh you have to come up from under, I am not that great at it.

  3. i did exactly what you said, it still wouldn't work. maybe you can post a video or something? just a suggestion. and maybe i could meet you in the game somewhere, too.

    Amber Goldenflame:)

  4. two things, #1, can you make a post of how to lower items plz? I'd really like to do that, but can't figure out how.
    #2 Thanks for posting this! read it like a year ago first time, and it taught me how to float :). Now I just need to figure out how to LOWER items............

    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tVbPIU50YE

      Here is the video I learned from

  5. Ok, how do you float a RUG? I tried, but it just stuck to the other rugs I was using to position it.

    1. I would check out the links on this topic


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