Friday, July 23, 2010

Boats and Stairs

Greetings Wizards,

I was asked me how to make stairs and how to put a boat on water. Putting a boat on water is pretty simple , what you need is a small rug chess or tic tac toe board a tatami mat and your boat. First take your small rug and place your board on it making sure to get it in the right direction of the way you want you boat to be in the water. Now take you mat and place it on ground then set your boat on it leaving just a tiny piece showing, that piece is what is going to keep your boat afloat, now move the boat by using that tiny piece of mat , shown in picture below. Place the boat on the board and pick up the small rug to leave your boat floating. There are so many ways players do this but I want to Thank Alura for this style makes it very simple.

On to stairs:

Items needed
creates of course i like jellybeans it is the cheapest, small blue trimmed
rugs again cheap, a few boards or lg rugs both work for this, and items
you want to use for stairs Now you need to be able to step on them, if you cannot you will need to place something under each piece to make it a stair, like my claw stairs in last segment I used tatami mats under each one leaving a small area to step on.

I got 3 pieces for this set of stairs.Take you creates and make then so you can place a board on them like I did with the Bunk-beds,Make your first step by placing the item on a board and pick the rug same as with floating any other item one box high.Next step just a about a 1/2 inch away in the direction you want the stairs to go 2 boxes high next 3 boxes high and so on.You will end up with a set of stairs that can lead to any where. picture above. One thing to remember if first you don't secede try try again.
Until next time, Happy house decorating

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Cool! Thanks for clearing that up for us!

  2. I *love* your housing tips! I haven't seen any other blogger covering this topic (housing how-to) on a regular basis, definitely something the W101 community needs.

  3. Thank you all for your wonderful words :)

  4. thanks a ton paige this is awesome. Thanks for all the tips

    S. D.

  5. Thank you for the instructions, but the instructions to place the boat in the water are not detailed enough for new users. I did exactly what you said to float a boat but that doesn't get it in the water. :(

  6. After you make the mat and boat you need to place it on a rug and board set up. Then pick up only the rug that is attached to board.

    I would keep practicing. I am sure you will have it done in no time. :)


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