Monday, July 12, 2010

Interview with Arthur Wethersfield

Greetings wizards,
Yes its that time again. As we all know I love housing , every aspect of it. keeping this in mind I sent a inerview to Arthur Wethersfield, if you do not know who he is let me tell you. Arthur Wethersfield is the Wizard101 programmer responsible for player housing., he is also the very first balance school instructor. I wanted to ask him a few questions about housing , hope you enjoy it as much as me :)

Greetings Arthur Wethersfield,

My name is Paige MoonShade I have a blog( Paige's Page) for wizard101 housing tips and information.I would love to have a interview with you Sir, if you have time I know being responsible for player housing must be a very big job:) which makes me very happy by the way,besides being the first balance teacher wow. I was wondering if you would allow me the pleasure of answering some questions for my readers? I do hope so :) here we go.

Howdy Paige MoonShade,

I’ve been reading your blog. You’ve made several excellent posts about player housing. I’m the programmer responsible for player housing. I wrote the system that lets you place objects in a house and allows other players that visit your house to see what objects you’ve placed.

;1. What does it take to create a player house? Can you give us an idea of what it takes to create one? The graphics are amazing from bugs in Kropotopia to stormy skies in storm house.

Here’s our process for creating a new house. First, artists and designers will brainstorm ideas for a new house. Then, an artist will sketch concept art for how the inside and outside of the new house will look. Next, an artist will build the 3D areas for the inside and outside of the new house in 3ds Max. The artist marks locations where objects can be placed. These new areas are then handed to a designer who sets up where players can walk, connects the inside and outside with teleportors and creates purchasable objects called deeds that players get when they buy the house in game. Finally, game testers make sure that there aren’t any problems with the new house.

2. I love housing so much I now have 20 houses, Do you own one? Which is your favorite? Oh btw the Grizzlehiem houses are amazing!

I have a level 50 character that I’ve been playing since the game was launched. I have three houses but my favorite and the one I’ve spent most of my time decorating is the Wooded Cottage. I know that the item limit for it is low but I just like how it looks.  I’m in the process of crafting the new Grizzlehiem house.

3. Creative housing techniques , What do you think of them? I have seen some really creative players. Myself have used some of this to make things pop out, hope you don't mind.

Yes that’s my bug. Players are doing all sorts of creative things with that bug like placing boats in water or building walkways with rugs. I’ve visited some amazing houses. I think that since that bug doesn’t harm the game and encourages creativity, we shouldn’t fix it.

I don't want to take up to much of your time Sir I know you are very busy , what are you hopes housing and do you have more planned for us players who love housing so much?
Thank you for you time.

Wizard101 fan,
Paige MoonShade

As for the future of player housing, while nothing can be promised, I hope to have a solution for the 3 houses to a character limit. We’ve talked about Celestia houses with some interesting features, but they’re not scheduled yet so they’ll probably be worked on after Celestia comes out.

Good luck with your blog,
Arthur Wethersfield

I want to thank Arthur Wethersfield for the amazing work he does for player housing and this wonderful interview . Until next time, Happy house decorating ;)
Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Elijah StormheartJuly 12, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    And I was thinking that they would want the rug glitch fixed. But I guess it does encourage creativity, and that's good. XD

  2. Yeah I was so happy to hear that one :) I love being creative ;)

  3. Nice job, Paige! And good to hear the rug bug will stay. I don't use it myself, normally, but I really enjoy seeing what other players do with it. I am really wanting to see someone make rug bridges over to the islands at the Watchtower Hall house, but won't be trying to do it to mine because I like the natural look.

    It's really great to hear that they are at least thinking about CL housing, and will hopefully get to that in the future. Also if they can bump up the house limit of 3 per wizard I think that will make a whole lot of people very happy!

    I do wish they would create a way to trade housing between alts as well, through the shared bank. It's always hard to have to sell off a house to get another.

    Anyway, thanks for this post/interview; to both you and Arthur(he really has an awesome job)! :)

  4. Phew, my worst W101 nightmare was that The Stairs v2.0 would just collapse and I would walk into my house and there would be all these crates and rugs on the floor. It took me until somewhere in late Marleybone early Mooshu to finish it and I'm so happy it can stay. :D

    I'd really love it if maybe you and I could meet sometime in-game and you could see my house. It'd be an honor.

    ~Blaze Silverfist
    The Awesome Sauce-erer

  5. Wow, it's been a while since I have read this. I wasn't even Chrissy yet when I first read this. Well done again and thanks for the trip down memory lane. <3


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