Friday, August 27, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Housing Simple and Fun

Greeting Wizards,

I think today we will head back to the basics, simple and fun housing. As one wizard commented "I am apparently the only person who doesn't use the floating object glitch in their house." By no means :) I have many houses that are simple no bugged houses, what do I mean? Well all this means is decorated without using any glitches such as floating,blending,sinking, combining or rugs for making stairs. Although these techniques make houses unreal and fancy they are by no means needed to make a amazing house.

Remember not everyone has the same style on what they believe makes a great house and to view houses one must keep a open mind to all players views. To me every single wizard are decorators, from placing just items you won from drops to items you buy, we all can decorate. Lets say you want house to represent the world you bought. First place to shop would be the housing shop for that world for any wall papers and flooring. Here is a guide for all housing shops Hana's housing Guide Next place to go would be drops Boss drops furniture You can also find each world types in the world guides of Wizard101 Central.

I know the guy wizards might not like my flowers and fountains, but I do love to see and hear a guys point of view. I have seen some fun and amazing houses with statues and so much more. Just to say , I love all housing. I made a slide show of couple no glitched housing, yes that is right not one glitch technique was used in either of these houses, houses are the Imperial palace and Tranquil cottage(Autumn Breeze). I do hope you in enjoy them. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Friday, August 20, 2010

Housing Showcase 2

Greetings Wizards,

For this weeks showcase I have a special surprise. Ravenwood Radio's very own Kevin BattleBlood allowed me to play in his obstacle course. He took a normal Ice School House and made it into a fantastic course, twist and turns everywhere. When you first show up it looks like any normal ice house snowy trees, some torches things you would expect to see in houses then you start to look up and around and notice platforms and and what are those dots? They kinda look like stairs. When I really looked around more and ended up under this row of ruins and thought to myself , you mean I need to go up there? Here are a couple of pictures to show off my first impressions . ;)

Awesome view.

Glad I am not scare of heights.

Moving along this twisted rugs path way and oh my dead ends, falling off, starting over ;) back to top just to show I made it Half way?
This picture is for you Kevin :P

Woot! Top of the world!

After falling off a few more times, I wish I was better at this, I made it to the house woot! Oh yes, well I see, I am not done here. Once inside this house has statues , pets and so much more, yes that right more of the course , and yes more falling off * rolls eyes* . I go inside the wall to find a very strange creatures sarcophagus I would believe it would be part krok and part drake? You tell me, I show the picture here you go.

If that wakes I am running!

Breath taking!

This last picture was the inner works of the ice house just made me go WOW ; ' picture above'. To show the full course Kevin offered to make me a video. I hope
everyone enjoys this weeks showcase as much as I did, it is so much fun and it was a honor to have viewed it personally. Please enjoy the video. Until next time
Happy house decorating,


Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Halloween Decorating Wiz101 Style

Greetings Wizards,

Halloween in August, yes that is right its time to get decorating those houses! Halloween is right around the corner. So its time to start thinking about those Halloween houses, spooky, creepy, crawly, or plain out of the world. These are not that hard to make just grab the idea and get started. Here are some things to things to ask yourself.

*What am I using this house for tours, party, just to scare your friends, or just for fun?
*How much can i spend?
*What items should i use?
*What effects do I need such as fog floating and the wow factor?

After you have answered these questions it is time to go shopping, YAY. Well of course anything spooky is always a plus. Also look for things for that hey I wonder if I could actually make something with that, and lets not forget our pets! Oh and yes lets make it fun for your friends and young wizards, ask them if they want to play a part in your house for tours, parties, and fun.

Now we all know I have just the house to show you all the neat little secrets on how to make these things happen. Lets start with the fun parts getting friends ask them and most of them would be happy to play a part in your Halloween house. I got my Nephew to dress up like the headless horseman for this picture enjoy.

Ok lets talk about thinking outside the box, come on you can do it, make something no one else will think of. Like this pool I created, picture below but let me talk about how I did this, we all know you cannot get in this pool but I wanted to. So I played with rugs and ended up having to go all the the lower edge of the island to come up under the pool with rugs, this is done by using the small rug and large rug technique bridge posted in a earlier segment. You will need to leave the rugs inside the pool to allow you and friends to stand in then pool. I also have a pet frog hopping around inside it.

This picture shows where I had to come up under the pool

Lets walk inside the as I cannot give everything away ;). Some things must be secret for my Halloween tours. The Grand entry for house needs to have what I call the wow factor. This is that part where you hope the visitors come in and say WOW, or something similar to that. Ok well I am going to show you this entry I created
as you see I have candles all the way up the stairs. You can do this with the creates, rugs and tic-tac-toe board floating technique, I found out 4 stacked up will get you to the top of the stairs. See picture below.

Now for the surprise areas of your house. You should have at least one area if not 2 always have something a bit surprising, or uncommon. Lets say mazes these are always fun but make sure they are not that easy to get around, everyone needs to get stuck and wonder now where ;). Have things to pop out at them pets are always fun, add fog and so many other effects can be done. You can also make you unique rooms something out of the ordinary. Ill show you 2 pictures of such rooms below but as stated before I wont go into much details about them ;).

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween decorating post , Now its time to get ready because Halloween is just around the corner , next Players showcases I have some really fun stuff next week. ;)
until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Send away button is now fixed :)

Greetings Wizards,

Title says it all straight Ravenwood news
Send Away Update
The Send Away button that allows you to remove people from your home, now works even if that person is not on your friends list.

Thank you Wizard101,

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Friday, August 6, 2010

Housing Showcase

Greetings Wizards,

Twice a month I will be showcasing some of the players houses. If you have a special place or area in your house and want to be showcased let me know.
Today's showcases will be Alura Lotuspetal, Elijah Deathshard and Brahms.

First off lets head to Alura's house I had the pleasure to visit a couple houses of hers .We started with the new Grizzlehiem house Dragon's Fjord, I saw a very special set of a supplies being shipped in and out of her house ,what a excellent idea , picture of this spot are below. you can see the detailed work she put into this. We went from there to view a couple more houses, the storm school and myth. At the storm house she had these amazing sunken in the wall mummy and at the myth house she had her own version of the Hedge maze. Hope you enjoy these pictures, it was a pleasure and a honor to visit Alura's houses.

Brahm is another player I got to visit , he has a storm school which has been made into a fortress and is none other than amazing
When we first showed up at his house you see a maze of rope fences, I kinda felt like I was waiting in a line at Disneyland, as I ran through them . He has mannequins everywhere 14 out and 14 in and they were placed in perfect settings to show what it takes to run a fortress of this stature. As we went inside I could see his hard work as he made sure he had everything
to run a ship shape fortress. Pictures below show one of his rope maze and his control room notice the mannequins ;)

Last but not least Elijah Deathshard had a awesome death school house, When you first showed up at his house there is a Dragonspyre inspired maze with pets all throughout the whole maze. Yet what I really want to talk about is this Shrine for Wraiths he made I simply love all the detail he put into this. Pictures posted below

Hope everyone enjoyed this Wizard showcase
Until next time, Happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to The Friendly Necromancer!

Greetings Wizards,
I wanted to send out birthday wishes to The Friendly Necromancer!
Hope your day be full of Magic Hey look!