Friday, August 20, 2010

Housing Showcase 2

Greetings Wizards,

For this weeks showcase I have a special surprise. Ravenwood Radio's very own Kevin BattleBlood allowed me to play in his obstacle course. He took a normal Ice School House and made it into a fantastic course, twist and turns everywhere. When you first show up it looks like any normal ice house snowy trees, some torches things you would expect to see in houses then you start to look up and around and notice platforms and and what are those dots? They kinda look like stairs. When I really looked around more and ended up under this row of ruins and thought to myself , you mean I need to go up there? Here are a couple of pictures to show off my first impressions . ;)

Awesome view.

Glad I am not scare of heights.

Moving along this twisted rugs path way and oh my dead ends, falling off, starting over ;) back to top just to show I made it Half way?
This picture is for you Kevin :P

Woot! Top of the world!

After falling off a few more times, I wish I was better at this, I made it to the house woot! Oh yes, well I see, I am not done here. Once inside this house has statues , pets and so much more, yes that right more of the course , and yes more falling off * rolls eyes* . I go inside the wall to find a very strange creatures sarcophagus I would believe it would be part krok and part drake? You tell me, I show the picture here you go.

If that wakes I am running!

Breath taking!

This last picture was the inner works of the ice house just made me go WOW ; ' picture above'. To show the full course Kevin offered to make me a video. I hope
everyone enjoys this weeks showcase as much as I did, it is so much fun and it was a honor to have viewed it personally. Please enjoy the video. Until next time
Happy house decorating,


Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Thanks for the feature, Paige! And great job getting up there solo! :)

  2. 'Tis a truely epic home. It's even more annoying with Kevin's questions!

  3. As always my Pleasure :) I had a lot of fun

  4. Well done! I am apparently the only person who doesn't use the floating object glitch in their house.

  5. Oh wolf no way I have many houses that do not have one thing floating, and are simply awesome.
    This showcase is for this amazing obstacle course.
    If anyone has a house they would love to have show cased please let me know :)


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