Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Housing Simple and Fun

Greeting Wizards,

I think today we will head back to the basics, simple and fun housing. As one wizard commented "I am apparently the only person who doesn't use the floating object glitch in their house." By no means :) I have many houses that are simple no bugged houses, what do I mean? Well all this means is decorated without using any glitches such as floating,blending,sinking, combining or rugs for making stairs. Although these techniques make houses unreal and fancy they are by no means needed to make a amazing house.

Remember not everyone has the same style on what they believe makes a great house and to view houses one must keep a open mind to all players views. To me every single wizard are decorators, from placing just items you won from drops to items you buy, we all can decorate. Lets say you want house to represent the world you bought. First place to shop would be the housing shop for that world for any wall papers and flooring. Here is a guide for all housing shops Hana's housing Guide Next place to go would be drops Boss drops furniture You can also find each world types in the world guides of Wizard101 Central.

I know the guy wizards might not like my flowers and fountains, but I do love to see and hear a guys point of view. I have seen some fun and amazing houses with statues and so much more. Just to say , I love all housing. I made a slide show of couple no glitched housing, yes that is right not one glitch technique was used in either of these houses, houses are the Imperial palace and Tranquil cottage(Autumn Breeze). I do hope you in enjoy them. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. I don't really use rug cities too, just make many rooms like a Rootbeer bar, KT museum, MS room etc... I hope to make a really neat Marleybone-style fancy house someday, what with all the great stuff I've seen in the bazaar :)

  2. I love the bazaar for shopping too. Oh I would love to see a Marleybone fancy house if you ever get it :). Would love to showcase one.

  3. Paige, you really have to see Arlen's house. It should be the model for all MB houses.

  4. lol got your post on my blog (vanessa emeraldglade is the blog name ;) XD)
    so as i was saying XD plz showcase my mooshu house thought it is getting a little crazy round there i no how to fix it up before ( IF you come) you come BY!


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