Monday, September 27, 2010

Turtles! in Celestia?

I see a turtle :). looks like 5 more reveals :D I have a water turtle of my own, lives in an 30 gal aquarium, so I have a special place for turtles, and will get me a turtle :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paige's Thoughts

Greetings Wizards,Kingsisle,

Today I don't want to talk about housing, well we will see ;) ,today I want to talk about Wizard101. KingsIsle has been one of the most exciting game I have come across, yes I have played many and found Wizard101 to be the least expensive in the long run. Best community relations I have ever seen, to be honest I don't know any other game that will give your character back if you lose it or delete it. If you lose items they do everything in their power to help you retrieve them. I have played games where they tell you we are sorry nothing we can do O.o, so I don't play those games any more.

Wizard101 is a family based ,kid friendly game. My family loves to play together and all it cost is the subscription you buy or crowns for areas. Yes don't get me wrong the crowned items cost money but you don't really need them to play this game. Let's talk about some of those items wands, gear, potions,mounts. Yup all those you don't need them to play Wizard101. The game also gives you drops for most of these items, also offers most of these items for gold.

Let's talk about in game gold. In game gold is made by questing, farming ( fighting a boss or enemy over and over ) and then selling the items you win. You spend no real money other than your subscription ,area bought. So let me see I just farmed and made lets say 5000 ,I go to Marleybone and buy a Wooden Golem, oh wow I just bought that pet for free. I go to the bazaar and buy treasure cards, reagents (which are free anyway), gear,wands, ect... I can buy all these items for free? All I spent was some time playing a game I really like to make the gold to buy them. Wow!

Ok I said we would see let's talk about the Grizzlehiem crafted house ;) I think you get what I am about to say, yup that is right I got a awesome! Grizzlehiem house for FREE! What did I spend real money? Nothing! I harvested the reagents or bought them in bazaar for in game gold which I spent no real money for other than a Sub or area bought, which I would spend anyway for playing any game.

I see so many complaints about KingsIsle is all about money , but I don't see it. I see many complaints about crowned items, you don't need them to play the game, they are just added special items. Even little flash games if you really want something special you have to buy it,but its not needed.

KIngsIsle, I do hope you read this because you need to hear, you are doing awesome work, keep the game family based/kid friendly loads of fun. You need a compliment keep up the great work. Until next time, happy spell casting.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The art of making something new.

Greeting Wizards,

I have been asked by many people ,how do people make those new items? Well I dunno I call this technique combining ,blending or melting. Each to me is a totally different technique.

Combining:This is where you take 2 items and make something look the same but have an added feature, such as a stove with a pot on it,or a fire-place with real fire.
Blending:This is where you take 2 or more items and make some thing new out of them. More like art work.
Melting: This is where you take items and melt them into walls, furniture to only show pieces of each item used. To create an entirely new piece of furniture.

These are all still types of floating but to me they take more work than just floating a rug. I am hoping by the time I am finished here you will see why I call these 3 different techniques.

Combining Let me show you a fire pit. You float the fire which I used a basic camp fire and a couple of candles, just like another floating you simple float those and place the fire pit on top illustrations below. This will give a complete look to your fire pit of it having fire.

Step 1 floating the fire

Step 2 dropping fire pit.

Step 3 We have fire!

Blending now we are going to get a bit complicated. Blending is when you take items and blend them into a complete new look as a piece of abstract art or simply blending rocks together to make a new scene in a house. As blending rocks to make a new scene from my Watchtower Hall was the question, Ill use that to show how.
first off you will need a small rug, a chessboard, a few tatami floor mats from Mooshu and all the items you want to make the scene. You first start by placing the small rug and chessboard then you are going to take a tatami floor mat and place your first item on it, by moving only the mat you will be able to blending your item with many other items, by leaving board and placing more and more items blending them together. don't worry if it doesn't fit you can move board by clicking on the rug attached and move it. One thing to remember is tatami mats can be seen so placement of these will need to be in certain orders, so that a floor mat doesn't ruin the scene you want to create. couple of illustrations below.

Starting step

finished scene

Melting, I believe this is the hardest step to do as it takes much practice and details to me mean everything. I will explain what I did to make this scene then give a list of items needed to make it.I will be using a wraith statue, Dragonspyre crafted bed and a wraith pet and create a new bed ;) Items used tatami mat for wraith statue ,6 crates, 7 small blue trimmed rugs, chessboard,tic tac toe board statue, bed and pet. As shown in earlier blog posts to get the wraith high enough I needed to float him, then place the bed under him. you are now able to move the bed any where you want with your new wraith head board. Once placed I needed 4 crates high to place the pet in hand, floated pet by using a tic tac toe board on top of the 4 crates. This is basically same way you make bunk beds. Here are some illustrations below. Hope you enjoy them. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Created piece.

Finished piece.

Another view.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vote Wizard101

Choice Online Audience Award

Game Developers Choice Online Awards organizers have announced the opening of the Audience Award, encouraging online game fans worldwide to vote for their favorite persistent online game from September 13th until September 24th.

To vote for the Audience Award simply enter the name of the game and a valid email address. You will receive an email prompting you to confirm your vote. You may choose any currently-operating persistent online game, whether it be a subscription MMO, free-to-play web game title, social network game, or anything else.

A good starting point to consider picks might be recently announced nominees of the Choice Online Awards,recently announced nominees which run the gamut of online titles.

Deadline to vote is Friday, September 24th at 12am PDT.

Note that an email address is required so that we may track the votes. Have fun and thanks for voting!


Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

P.s. I think everyone knows what I voted ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Celestia Reveal pt 12

Avast, me hearties!

Wow! See the lady from a ship? This figure was known as the figurehead
Here is a bit of info on this:
"The figurehead embodied the spirit of a ship and was originally believed to placate the gods of the sea and ensure a safe voyage."

One has wonder if she will be friend or foe?

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Selena Gomez Come to the Spiral

Greeting wizards,

Wizards of Waverly Place Star/pop singer Selena Gomez comes to the Spiral. I know this teen icon from my Niece watching her show and listening to her music. starting in late Sept, there will be a quest given by Halston Balestrom will have the quest “Round & Round” for all Wizards level 6 or higher.

There is also a contest Wizard 101 is holding where you can have 6 chances to win

To learn more go to selenagomezcontest

You will see a you tube video that shows more of Celestia, such as spells, mounts and little parts of the world.All looks pretty Awesome ;)

Welcome to the Spiral Selena Gomez!!!

Until next time.

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Housing Showcase 3

Greetings Wizards,

This weeks showcase is brought to you by Benjamin Fairydust. His Myth school house is decorated in such a fancy style made me feel special about having this showcase.
Lets start with the opening picture. When you first port to Ben's house seems like any other Myth house boy was I mistaken.

As we walked along the yard areas I found some very interesting and truly awesome views, from simple out coves to spirit chambers hidden into the deep island underground. We can start off this tour with a crystal tree creative and awesome.

There is also and working pool house with a shallow and deep in of the pool. a pretty out cove and a piggle fleet, these pictures will be in the slide show at the end of this tour. Lets take a trip under the island this spirit chamber was nothing but breath taking ,completely thought out of how things needed to be placed.

Let take a trip inside, when you first arrive inside Ben's house you are struck with an amazing display of lights from his grand entrance, I was Wowed by the amazing effects and creative thought it took to build this entrance. As we move along the house you have rooms made for each area. A Dragonspyre room, Mad Lab, homemade creative fountain area and a full blown restaurant! Above you will see pictures of the entrance and the restaurant, all other rooms are in the slide show.Hope everyone enjoys this weeks show case as much as I did. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wizard101 Celebrates 2years!

from wizard101 main site
The month of September is a party month in the Spiral! Two years ago we opened the doors of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts to all young Wizard. Look for surprises, and lots of fun throughout the game, and watch the website for news, contests and updates.

Today people received a ninja pig and a treant transformation

Happy Birthday wizard 101!!!!!!

Until next time
Your friend,
Paige MoonShade