Thursday, September 16, 2010

The art of making something new.

Greeting Wizards,

I have been asked by many people ,how do people make those new items? Well I dunno I call this technique combining ,blending or melting. Each to me is a totally different technique.

Combining:This is where you take 2 items and make something look the same but have an added feature, such as a stove with a pot on it,or a fire-place with real fire.
Blending:This is where you take 2 or more items and make some thing new out of them. More like art work.
Melting: This is where you take items and melt them into walls, furniture to only show pieces of each item used. To create an entirely new piece of furniture.

These are all still types of floating but to me they take more work than just floating a rug. I am hoping by the time I am finished here you will see why I call these 3 different techniques.

Combining Let me show you a fire pit. You float the fire which I used a basic camp fire and a couple of candles, just like another floating you simple float those and place the fire pit on top illustrations below. This will give a complete look to your fire pit of it having fire.

Step 1 floating the fire

Step 2 dropping fire pit.

Step 3 We have fire!

Blending now we are going to get a bit complicated. Blending is when you take items and blend them into a complete new look as a piece of abstract art or simply blending rocks together to make a new scene in a house. As blending rocks to make a new scene from my Watchtower Hall was the question, Ill use that to show how.
first off you will need a small rug, a chessboard, a few tatami floor mats from Mooshu and all the items you want to make the scene. You first start by placing the small rug and chessboard then you are going to take a tatami floor mat and place your first item on it, by moving only the mat you will be able to blending your item with many other items, by leaving board and placing more and more items blending them together. don't worry if it doesn't fit you can move board by clicking on the rug attached and move it. One thing to remember is tatami mats can be seen so placement of these will need to be in certain orders, so that a floor mat doesn't ruin the scene you want to create. couple of illustrations below.

Starting step

finished scene

Melting, I believe this is the hardest step to do as it takes much practice and details to me mean everything. I will explain what I did to make this scene then give a list of items needed to make it.I will be using a wraith statue, Dragonspyre crafted bed and a wraith pet and create a new bed ;) Items used tatami mat for wraith statue ,6 crates, 7 small blue trimmed rugs, chessboard,tic tac toe board statue, bed and pet. As shown in earlier blog posts to get the wraith high enough I needed to float him, then place the bed under him. you are now able to move the bed any where you want with your new wraith head board. Once placed I needed 4 crates high to place the pet in hand, floated pet by using a tic tac toe board on top of the 4 crates. This is basically same way you make bunk beds. Here are some illustrations below. Hope you enjoy them. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Created piece.

Finished piece.

Another view.


  1. I love this, great article Paige! I didn't know you could do this with furniture - I want to try it myself!!

  2. I've done this before it is also VERY helpful getting things (fountains statues etc.) onto the middle circle of all the paths of the large wizard city house! ty paige good guide!

  3. Paige
    this is one of the most helpful things ever.
    Thanks for all the great tips and help you have given me. Keep up the amazing work ;)
    S. D.

  4. Just something that kind of has to do with this, but whenever I try to click on the boats and stairs link, the art of making something new. Maybe it's the fact that it's late but I have no clue... This stuff is really helpful by the way! Have you ever tried floating with the maple bookcase?

  5. I'm trying to sink a music player into the side of an embankment on my island so you can't see it, but it's not working. Any tips?

    1. The main thing about a music player you can only sink it so far. Other wise you wont be able to change the music. If you want it only to have that music all the time.

      Use the mat and the wooden platform from crowned shop with the rug like I do for the tic tac toe board. The platform allows you to go further into a spot.

      Hope this helps

  6. Thanks, you just gave me that start of an idea involving statues holding my pets in their play area in my house, with yea, was not your point in this article, but thanks!

  7. I don't get it! You never explain what you mean by floating, or anything! I don't get the fire pit! You show a picture, step one, step two, step three, but you never explain how!!! HELP!

    1. can you please reply?????

    2. I do explain read the post. Rug and board. There are many topics in this post that can help you


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