Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paige's Thoughts

Greetings Wizards,Kingsisle,

Today I don't want to talk about housing, well we will see ;) ,today I want to talk about Wizard101. KingsIsle has been one of the most exciting game I have come across, yes I have played many and found Wizard101 to be the least expensive in the long run. Best community relations I have ever seen, to be honest I don't know any other game that will give your character back if you lose it or delete it. If you lose items they do everything in their power to help you retrieve them. I have played games where they tell you we are sorry nothing we can do O.o, so I don't play those games any more.

Wizard101 is a family based ,kid friendly game. My family loves to play together and all it cost is the subscription you buy or crowns for areas. Yes don't get me wrong the crowned items cost money but you don't really need them to play this game. Let's talk about some of those items wands, gear, potions,mounts. Yup all those you don't need them to play Wizard101. The game also gives you drops for most of these items, also offers most of these items for gold.

Let's talk about in game gold. In game gold is made by questing, farming ( fighting a boss or enemy over and over ) and then selling the items you win. You spend no real money other than your subscription ,area bought. So let me see I just farmed and made lets say 5000 ,I go to Marleybone and buy a Wooden Golem, oh wow I just bought that pet for free. I go to the bazaar and buy treasure cards, reagents (which are free anyway), gear,wands, ect... I can buy all these items for free? All I spent was some time playing a game I really like to make the gold to buy them. Wow!

Ok I said we would see let's talk about the Grizzlehiem crafted house ;) I think you get what I am about to say, yup that is right I got a awesome! Grizzlehiem house for FREE! What did I spend real money? Nothing! I harvested the reagents or bought them in bazaar for in game gold which I spent no real money for other than a Sub or area bought, which I would spend anyway for playing any game.

I see so many complaints about KingsIsle is all about money , but I don't see it. I see many complaints about crowned items, you don't need them to play the game, they are just added special items. Even little flash games if you really want something special you have to buy it,but its not needed.

KIngsIsle, I do hope you read this because you need to hear, you are doing awesome work, keep the game family based/kid friendly loads of fun. You need a compliment keep up the great work. Until next time, happy spell casting.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Wow! Nicely put! I see many people in Wizard101 central threads complaining about KI!! I really want them to stop but it's even more conflict. Finally I see someone speak out!! Thank you for this post. :) I agree with you. :D

  2. It's not just central its everywhere :(.
    Thank you for the compliment.


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