Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wizards School of Magic (Palace)

Greetings Wizards,

I have been decorating my massive fantasy palace and have a few things done I thought i would show you. First off theme I choose Magic school theme as it looked like Hogwarts to me or not sure if any one know Howl's moving castle? Both of these movies are my inspiration here. I see many other themes that can be made Camelot, fairy palace, Kingdoms,so much more.

This house has 3 hidden passages, 2 you go through walls and one teleporter, 10 rooms of different sizes, many passages aka halls and the grounds/outside are spectacular. Oh lets not forget the personal arena. You can have 250/250 items and 50/50 pets. I do wish there were a bit more items and pets but I am sure myself and you can make it very special. So anyway,I went with the Wizards School of Magic for my theme.

I have a few things done one of which any Harry Potter fan would know ;).That is right it is the whomping willow. :) I was trying so many different ways to get that flying car to look right and my mind went blank then a friend said wait have you tried the wind swept tree? Well and there we have it. To do this you must first fly the car then place the tree, in a earlier segment you can see how to float bigger objects.
 I would look here though ;)
Lets head inside first area well everyone should recognize the common, you can also see parts of the professor hall of pictures ,oops how did that lynx picture get in there *blushes* hehe that spot is saved for Ambrose picture but I still need to craft it.The joke is my nickname is Cat ;) always need humor in houses. I am still working on the final touches of this room.

Now no school is a school without some sort of class rooms, I went with potions and charms classes. Potions class was a tricky one I had to try everything to get the beakers for potion making the right height on top of the student desks ended up being a simple wooden bench , set beaker in right place twist the bench and slide it away. Charms class was very simple still working on final details.

The grand hall Is not finished but Ill give a picture of it is starting to look. when I am done I hope to find someone who is good at making video's for me ;) hint hint anyone? It will be awhile before i am finished. I want to show you this one place outside I am building its kinda like Hagrid's and the Spider cave ,I wont go much into detail here as I am still really working on it but Ill show picture of a sneak peek as I am not happy with the way it looks at this time.

One thing for everyone to remember we are all decorators ,even you if just place items around your house you are a decorator. Believe me I have a house I call simply storage ;) but I still had to place those items even if it looks like a mess. All housing is awesome everyone has different views. So until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Housing Guest & Host Etiquette

Greetings Wizards,

Today I want to talk about housing etiquette, This is How a host and the guest treat players at in game housing.

Guests Etiquette ( people who come to view or visit your in game house)

1. Turn off teleporting ,unless the Host says it is ok to leave them on.

2. Be polite, remember you are a guest in this persons home.

3. Treat other guests and host in house, with respect.

4. If you are sent away, it is not ok to port pack and call the host names.

5. When the host says its time to go, please kindly respect the hosts wishes.

Host Etiquette ( the person who owns the house)

1. Be polite, and respectful even if the guests get out of hand.

2. If you don't want other people in your house remind them to turn off teleporting and turn on the friends only allowed.

3. If you find people acting in a improper manner use the send away feature, if guests respected you and turn off teleporting they wont be able to come back.

4. Give a tour of your house tell guests what your idea is, tours are very fun. Show them the best features .:)

5. When your tired or event is over make sure everyone knows its time to go. If guests refuse to leave use the send away feature, its there for a reason.

I love showing my houses and decorating them, so hope this helps more house decorators and their guests. Until next time Happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Monday, October 18, 2010

Test of the Spheres

Greetings wizards,

I am going to try my hand at doing a guide, please bare with me its my very first one. *blushes* Yesterday I decided to solo the test of spheres , very last instance of Celestia. This instance is where for the first time you see the Star ,Moon and Sun teachers. I got some really great pictures I'll show along the way.

The tests chamber- no need to fight those robots



Shining stars

In this area you will find vision,constellations and shining stars. These tests are nothing more than puzzles. First puzzle I did was Vision all you do is turn the statue heads around to all face inward to light up the middle and star.
Second one I did was constellations I started with yellow control and went clock wise turning them all on, to align the stars in middle. Third was a bit more difficult You have to turn on these lit globes to make them all stay on, If I remember right it is first left then far right.


Now you get to fight Astraeus
(star teacher). Awesome battle , blades are a must, I also used a attack over time. When you attack he will tower shield and call a minion once you kill minion he is alone the rest of the battle.

Attack , he towers, I attack over time , he attacks, I blade ,he changes and does no more towers until you attack again. repeat ;) It works. After you are done he will drop a school only level 58 robe or other gear. Here is a picture of his attack.

Next area in Moon Chamber

In here you have 4 battles, go to the first one that has a bridge going across that is where you start, battle the 2 robots, very simple battle. After done grab the silver chest it will have a shield in it take the shield and put it on one the the big Celestian statues,repeat going to each control turning on bridge and battle place shield.

Now you get to fight Ptolemos (Moon-teacher), I battled him pretty much like the start teacher ,blades come in very handy to make him stop tower shielding. Although he hits a bit harder Moon attack was awesome to view :D, I wish I would of thought to take a image :( yesterday but i got one today. Ok back to battle. Blades are a must have if blades are showing you warm your way into his heart, then you attack Your charm has worn thin. I did find out today must easier in a group but can be soloed, which I did. I am happy I had a treant polymorph sure helped me from dieing ;)


Next is Sun trails, all you have to do here is turn the beams down and pick up the gold chest and place swords in statues.


Again blades good :), she will tell you blades and traps will clear the clouds ,this means if you use blades and traps she wont use smoke on that person. much more difficult battle when soloed than with group but it can be done. She will heal the minion so kill him fast.edit: I have been studying this for a couple days, Seems to be if you trap her she will says " The stars and in align ,now is your chance" take this time to hit as much as possible.

In all This was a awesome instance and was very fun going soloed and in a group :)
Until next time, happy Spell casting

Your friend,
Paige moon Shade

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Massive Fantacy Palace

GameStop $39 Prepaid Card coming soon to most USA locations.
This Double Card comes with:

1. a 1 Month Subscription at $9.95 or 5000 Crowns
2. Fantasy Palace Castle
3. Additional Castle Space Elixir*
4. Minigame Kiosk Housing Item
5. Gryphon Mount
6. Ancient Spear of Power
7. Epic Clothing Set
8. Mystery Dueling Pet

*If you already have three houses on your character, you must claim this elixir before you claim the Castle!
*(taken from web site for information)*

Greetings Wizards,

Soon to come at most game spot is the newest gift card for wizard101, this card comes with the best castle I have seen so far. Picture shown above will help you get a better feel of the size of this castle. There are many rooms hidden dungeons and secret passages. Even your own personal arena for fun with friends. You even get a mini game! I got Doodle Doug my Niece had a fit it's her favorite game. even a elegant Griffin mount.

This card comes with all the things listed above but one thing I want to talk about is the potion, You receive a potion and if you except it first your wizard can have a forth house ,that's right! I said a forth house , now how awesome is that?

I cannot tell you how many times I have got lost so far ;) *blushes* One of my friends said we need a Marauder's Map I agreed ,I get lost but I am learning. The house can hold 250/250 just like the crafted Grizzlehiem house, and 50/50 pets, cannot wait to start getting to work on it. I will keep everyone updated and of course continue to show picture as more is done. Until next time ,happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Celestia and Halloween!!

Greetings wizards,

Celestia comes to test realm and Halloween to live realm. In live realm Halloween as come and old jack Hollow has his quests ready for anyone who was not not done them so be sure to go talk to him and do those fun quests, also in Ravenwood there are the Halloween towers and all the fun drops they give. I have already made my trip to Spooky Bob.

Celestia, well sat in Celestia commons for a bit to watch people come in and first words were whoa and wow, my thought as well :). walking around the commons area I found new gear, pets, mounts and spells. I had bought the full set of Ethereal set but well the hat and me did not work, so I am now wearing the sleuth hat which goes really well with it.

I quested a few and found a few lizards for Zeke and fought a few bosses. I cannot wait to do more :). Here are a couple of pictures one of a battle and one of a quest, both were so much battles are more challenging in Celestia which is simply wonderful and quests are more detailed. I would not want them to change a thing :D.

Celestia comes with the most amazing views! Amazing spells! one of the moon spells is called polymorph, this is where you turn into a gobbler for now and your deck changes to ice with many taunts and one spell I call Taco!, btw it is one of my favorite right now ;). Celestia view, Wow simply just awe struck, I know there are no housing yet but when it does comes ,Drools :) ,oops sorry. I'll Show you the taco spell and a couple of the scenery images that really caught my eye, hope you enjoy them. Until next time.

Your friend,
Paige moonshade


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Housing Showcase 4

Morgrim DeathPants Pet Museum

Greetings Wizards,

This showcase has a bit of the Halloween and of course Morgrim's favorite thing pets. He used the death school house to make this amazing pet museum. When you first come to the house you would think, oh yeah its a haunted house but then you start looking around and find its much much more. looking around you see pets all in the perfect spots and all grouped except for the few pets that are walking around all are placed on pedestals as special display works of art. Let's take a peek inside

When you peek inside the first thing you see is a Street Sweeper placed on top of a pedestal, proudly flying the Marleybone flag. Each room is designed for a special group of pets, all placed like works of art. I will have a slide show to show each room at the end of this post, for now let's continue on to a couple rooms that really made me smile. first off we have one I called myth at its best, what Myth wizard would not love this room.

Continuing on I found a room with spiders, hybrids, golems and so much more. I even stop to ask about a pet, which kinda looked like a zombie pretty cool and I would like one for my haunted house :). One room I took a picture of is one I like to call the ladies, all the screamers were placed on pedestals.

After viewing the house, I talked with Morgrim he stated he wished Kingsisle would allow more items as he was maxed out with pets and items. I could see his pet museum grow to have all pets in the world of wizard101. Hope everyone enjoys the sideshow and this weeks showcase. Until next time happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Looking for Halloween Houses

Greeting wizards,

Think you got the perfect Halloween decorated house? Well Let me know I am looking for as many Halloween haunted houses as I can find for one great big spooky blog post. I will only take 1 or 2 screen shots from each house depending on how many ask me to view their houses.

There are many ways you can contact me, to show off your haunted house. Wizard101 central-this is best way to contact). Other ways are twitter, facebook,or simply reply here. Please let me know before Oct. 20th, we can set up a time for me to visit your wizard101 house. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade