Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Housing Showcase 4

Morgrim DeathPants Pet Museum

Greetings Wizards,

This showcase has a bit of the Halloween and of course Morgrim's favorite thing pets. He used the death school house to make this amazing pet museum. When you first come to the house you would think, oh yeah its a haunted house but then you start looking around and find its much much more. looking around you see pets all in the perfect spots and all grouped except for the few pets that are walking around all are placed on pedestals as special display works of art. Let's take a peek inside

When you peek inside the first thing you see is a Street Sweeper placed on top of a pedestal, proudly flying the Marleybone flag. Each room is designed for a special group of pets, all placed like works of art. I will have a slide show to show each room at the end of this post, for now let's continue on to a couple rooms that really made me smile. first off we have one I called myth at its best, what Myth wizard would not love this room.

Continuing on I found a room with spiders, hybrids, golems and so much more. I even stop to ask about a pet, which kinda looked like a zombie pretty cool and I would like one for my haunted house :). One room I took a picture of is one I like to call the ladies, all the screamers were placed on pedestals.

After viewing the house, I talked with Morgrim he stated he wished Kingsisle would allow more items as he was maxed out with pets and items. I could see his pet museum grow to have all pets in the world of wizard101. Hope everyone enjoys the sideshow and this weeks showcase. Until next time happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

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