Monday, October 18, 2010

Test of the Spheres

Greetings wizards,

I am going to try my hand at doing a guide, please bare with me its my very first one. *blushes* Yesterday I decided to solo the test of spheres , very last instance of Celestia. This instance is where for the first time you see the Star ,Moon and Sun teachers. I got some really great pictures I'll show along the way.

The tests chamber- no need to fight those robots



Shining stars

In this area you will find vision,constellations and shining stars. These tests are nothing more than puzzles. First puzzle I did was Vision all you do is turn the statue heads around to all face inward to light up the middle and star.
Second one I did was constellations I started with yellow control and went clock wise turning them all on, to align the stars in middle. Third was a bit more difficult You have to turn on these lit globes to make them all stay on, If I remember right it is first left then far right.


Now you get to fight Astraeus
(star teacher). Awesome battle , blades are a must, I also used a attack over time. When you attack he will tower shield and call a minion once you kill minion he is alone the rest of the battle.

Attack , he towers, I attack over time , he attacks, I blade ,he changes and does no more towers until you attack again. repeat ;) It works. After you are done he will drop a school only level 58 robe or other gear. Here is a picture of his attack.

Next area in Moon Chamber

In here you have 4 battles, go to the first one that has a bridge going across that is where you start, battle the 2 robots, very simple battle. After done grab the silver chest it will have a shield in it take the shield and put it on one the the big Celestian statues,repeat going to each control turning on bridge and battle place shield.

Now you get to fight Ptolemos (Moon-teacher), I battled him pretty much like the start teacher ,blades come in very handy to make him stop tower shielding. Although he hits a bit harder Moon attack was awesome to view :D, I wish I would of thought to take a image :( yesterday but i got one today. Ok back to battle. Blades are a must have if blades are showing you warm your way into his heart, then you attack Your charm has worn thin. I did find out today must easier in a group but can be soloed, which I did. I am happy I had a treant polymorph sure helped me from dieing ;)


Next is Sun trails, all you have to do here is turn the beams down and pick up the gold chest and place swords in statues.


Again blades good :), she will tell you blades and traps will clear the clouds ,this means if you use blades and traps she wont use smoke on that person. much more difficult battle when soloed than with group but it can be done. She will heal the minion so kill him fast.edit: I have been studying this for a couple days, Seems to be if you trap her she will says " The stars and in align ,now is your chance" take this time to hit as much as possible.

In all This was a awesome instance and was very fun going soloed and in a group :)
Until next time, happy Spell casting

Your friend,
Paige moon Shade


  1. Just to let everyone know, this instance has been changed. first boss has 4 minions. he will keep summoning them so don't defeat them all before you defeat boss.

    Puzzles are still same

  2. I wish I could remember who showed me this yesterday, to neat the star teacher in trials just take a bunch of Ice Dispels, or a Ice Wiz ;) Makes him easy as Pie :D

  3. Nice job Paige! This was very helpful for me and a friend who just did this dungeon today. Thanks!


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