Saturday, November 6, 2010

Paige's Thoughts, Weekly Post

Greetings wizards,

Today I just want to talk a bit. Weekly update 2 of my wizards are now level 58 fire and Balance and loving the new spells. I got my Level 58 Balance robe (by going with a friend) loving the pip% but still unsure of the rating stats and how they will work, I do wish level 58 gear gave better resist, unsure if I will keep it on or crowned gear. I won my level 55 wand spyglass still looks like a flashlight to me :) I wish we could stitch wands ,I am missing my Bunny staff. Now I am all about trying to own all new wands to add to my collection on my death wizard :).

Been helping many wizards through the Grotto. The special bosses have become very easy. No blades traps nothing. Egglis only use small spells, no spells over 3 pips X spells are ok here. Cuthalla Only use big spells meaning only spells 5 pips and over , no X spells.

My Fire and Balance are now in the Crustacean Empire at level 59. Started designing outfits for my other wizards. My newest outfit Is for my life wizard, tell me what you think?

My life has made it to the District of Stars and battling guards, cannot wait to get the Forest Lord spell. Still looks like a Wookie :P. Enough about me, tell me about your fun experiences and accomplishments you have done in wizard101. Until next time ,happy spell casting.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. I've used Kraken on Cuthalla... many many times. He doesn't seem bothered.

  2. I've used my 3pip helping hand on myself and others, while battling Cuthalla.

  3. LOL good i not doing celestia much though! lol
    my friend thinks forest lord looks like chuabacca! lol
    gret job!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the spyglass wand looks like a flashlight.

    Wandering around Celestia last night, several sharks materialized right in front of me, filling my screen. I loudly gasped, "Oh my god!" or something like that and scared the dog on my lap half to death. Everyone in the house wondered what was wrong. Celestia still makes me a little edgy. :-/


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