Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly update and More on Gardening (TR)

Greetings wizards,

First Off I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Lets see been spending all my last few days in test realm. Testing all the newest features. Starting to craft new Celestia furniture pieces to see what they look like. I absolutely love all the new stuff. The mossy covered tree trunks are so real like. elephant ears plants the broken down golem robot, Will soon become a very nice feature to a over grown forest I am ready to design when this all goes live. :) I am up to rank 4 gardener in test ,well almost level 5 and I got some pretty interesting plants planted. Snap dragons and evil snow peas are looking pretty awesome and the bread bushes are funny look like bread popping out of toasters. Here are a couple pictures of those.

Let's talk about some tips for gardening. Start off with a small garden Honey sickles seem to be the easiest to grow plant and harvest. They are the easiest to get to elder stage which gives the best rewards. Gnomes these little guys are important and needed for your plants to give harvests. I have tested with and without and the without has yet to give any harvest. Watch what you plant likes and dislikes Lets say if you plant a Desparagus near Laugh-o-dil They wont give harvest. Stay with the lower energy using spells if your garden is small enough it wont use that much energy. I am hoping KI gives us more energy or allow us to use mana instead. This will leave pet trainers the energy they still need and be able to garden at same time.

Gardens to die and wither away its pretty gross, it took 3 days for one of my gardens to wilt away, yes I was testing this. I hated going to that wizards house :(. Now I have heard from other players that it did not take 3 days so unsure why mine took 3 days , anyway here is a picture . :(

Misc. stuff in gardening One being Laugh-o-Dils, I was so thinking since dandelions roar these would laugh and make me giggle every time I walk by ,but no they blow rasberries O.o. So now I walk by them and go hrmf, silly things. ;) The garden I have is very large as it is all testing each plant and every time I go to that house it sounds like a jungle, roaring , popping, scarping, snapping and so much more, cannot wait to hear my prickly bear plant. :) looking for guides being made. Found this one on plants Wizard101 Central
If you have a guide please let me know so I can post it Here for my readers.

More fun stuff I cannot believe I have 54 followers I was shocked when I saw I went over 50, Thank you to all my readers and It is such a honor and a pleasure to write to you. even if I am not that great at it . :) Oh a Player drew me a picture of my death wizard Ill post the picture at the end of this segment, Thank you so much MJ. Oh! and I won this awesome mount rental from a Tiny twitter contest from A Mythspent Youth, thank you so much :). Remember to always make everything fun and until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend.
Paige MoonShade

Thank you MJ

Thanks :D


  1. Hey Paige, I posted a guide last night on central. It's called A Beginner's Look at Gardening. Don't know if you've seen it yet, but just thought I'd let you know. Pm me on central with any questions about the guide. If you don't know my central name is darkshadow5678.

  2. That's cool Celestia furniture looks awesome. That's a nice picture of you there!

  3. hey, i read your blog every once and a while and my plants harvested without gnomes. if they needed something and it said it was ready to harvest you need to leave and come back. i have and adult prickly bear cactus and i am sad to say i haven't seen any animation.


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