Wednesday, December 29, 2010

You Are on Pandora, Wizard101 version ;)

Greetings Wizards,

I have completed the outside of my living garden, Let me quote from my favorite movie this year. " You are not in Kansas anymore you are on Pandora! " Thats right I did my best to recreate the world of Pandora from the movie Avatar. So please welcome to my version of this lush and living world, Wizard101 style of course! With new gardening the world comes alive with plants and sounds. I think the fun part was trying to get all those furniture likes into this house and still be a working version on this world.

Part one the world itself:
I worked with th Life school house for this, for 3 reasons. One its already got a setting for lush plant life. Two the tree house part would work great for home tree. Three The trails it has going up and around work for mountains and and the flying dragon spices of animal.

This world has a humanoid species called the Na'vi They are blue skinned and I found the witch doctor gear from Celestia and the crafted mannequin to look the best for these people. :)

This world had trees called "Tree of Souls" I found that a simple snow pine looked great for these, well actually a few of them blended together ;). I also made one inside the home tree but that will be at a later date this is just the world itself. The Na'vi fly on dragons one being the Turok legendary large red dragon they keep the first one ever ridden skull in a special place near home tree. I used the crafted weapons rack and dragon skull for this. for the honey sickles and fly traps growing there.

There are trails for florescent colors Simply used the pretty blue bonnets and brown blooms to make these trails. There is also a trail that leads to the Floating mountains. This trails spirals around the world. As you lead up to the mountains you see water falls coming from no where and rocks and mountains just floating in mid air. The purple rocks from Dragonspyre worked for this, now the water fall I had to crate from tree rocks and a fish fountain. Here are a couple of images of those

As I stated above there are trails that lead up and over these mountains to where they find and the one true dragon to fly with. I used the broken palm tree from Celestia for this trail made a very nice one and then it leads around to where you find of course the dragons and what else could I possible use? Snap dragons and dragon pets ;) I will post pictures below. I hope you enjoyed this segment Of the first part of the house, Next part still needs a few pieces just not there yet :). So Until next time, happy house decorating.
Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekly update

Greetings Wizards,

I have been so busy with contest and Christmas. I wanted to Say Hope everyone Had a very Merry Christmas I was very shocked when I got 2 presents one being and gift card for Wizard101 :D Woot! I got crowns. :D Another being a Blown glass horse from the movie Avatar made me cry, I also got some more teas and honey :D I am one happy camper.

Wizard101 housing update
Pandora is almost complete I cannot wait to show you all the house. Outside is done inside almost but just not all the way. Anyway wanted to update with my readers. Until next time happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Friday, December 17, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Greetings Wizards,

Sharpen your spades and quills!
A new Central contest is afoot!

For the next 2 weeks Ill be holding a gardening contest over at Wizard101 Central to find out more visit How Does you garden grow. . Some rules apply on what needs to be done. Only one entry per central account. Hope to see you there . :) Until next time happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Monday, December 13, 2010

Give the Gift of Magic & weekly update

Greetings Wizards,

Its that time for giving. KingsIsle is donating the net proceeds to children's charities to find out more please visit Give the Gift of Magic . Last year KingsIsle made around 126,000 for children's charities, lets help them again with this awesome charity drive. Just like the mount last year you can find this tree in the crowned shop under housing,remember this is a seed so you will need to plant it, or give one to your friend.

-Weekly update-
Oh I have been so busy so many things to do in wizard101 for me. New gardening things found are the likes and dislikes, each plant has new furniture likes which helps them grow faster :). Good guide for this I found on central Hidden likes . Let's see been starting on designing a house for plants its gonna be fun to get all the likes for plants and still make the house look awesome.

Oh been getting many awesome Celestia furniture items KingsIsle have even made some of the Celestian stuff animated which makes me very happy! There is a tree I am looking for the Gaint Willow tree. I actually found where it is dropped and trying for it today, Ill let you know if I get it once I design the house I am working on and until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gardening Tips and Tricks

Greetings Wizards,

I have been busy testing everything I can test in test realm. Been crafting all the new Celestia furniture, some pieces are simply wonderful KingsIsle did a awesome job getting these pieces together. Ok back to gardening , you know me I can get carried away with talking about housing ;). I read a interesting article by Fallon Shadowblade Over at MMO Sanctuary. Good read. There are many bloggers with some really good info If you head over to The Friendly Necromancer's Blog take a peek at the bloggers club there are many bloggers talking about the gardening. Lots of great info. Oh and make sure to tune into Ravenwood Radio Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 8:00 pm as I'll will be talking about gardening in Wizard101.

Here are a few tips and Tricks I have learned along the way.

Fastest way to level- Well nothing is ever truly fast in gardening but the quickest way is to have, all of the same type of plant so they will all go elder at the same time. Each time you level get the next level of plant and do the same thing again.

Dorm Room Gardening- Remember this is one room Try to make sure plants can all go together , I have done some testing and baby carrots in same area as stinkweed do not mix well, infact my baby carrots died. :( After trying with a higher level plant the plant simply is not growing well much slower than the other one I plant in another area. There is good info on each seed that tells you what it likes and dislikes.

Pet training and Gardening- I have been testing with a level 20 and a level 30 wizard Both in dorms room. I found it easy to take care of 5 or 6 plants and still have enough energy to still train a few mini games. Take care of the plant first. This depends on if your plants had a pest or not. After then you will know how many mini games you can play. My level 20 was able to take care of 5 plants and do 4 to 5 mini games, if the plants had pest then around 3 mini games. This also depends on if you are using the beast master gear or not, I was not. MY level 30 was able to do more mini games with same amount of plants.

Plant care - If you play wizards once a day planting is easy, and with the new ways to tell what your plant needs makes it so much better KingsIsle even gives away to see how long till your next harvest. Yes plants die if they are not taken care of at least once a day or every other day at the most. I would suggest anyone who does not have time during the week plant on a Friday then by Sunday they should be Elders depending on plant, Honey sickles seem to be fastest. Each type of plant grows at different speeds so can take a longer time to care for.

Signs of Harvest - Each plant has its own tell sign of when its ready to harvest. First stage is a seedling, next a young plant( these plants do not move) ,Mature plant are animated when mature plants are ready to harvest they Move a lot. So far here are some of the tell signs I have found. To harvest make sure you are not in gardening mode and jsut walk up to the plant to get the X to harvest. I would love to see a plant harvest some energy I could really use some :D Anyway here are tell signs.
honey sickles- these plants get all blades bent out of shape
Boom Shrooms- stop exploding
dandelions- start bobbing around their head and dont roar
Laugh-o-dil looks like they are going to fall over.
desparagus -begins to cry
prickly bear- throws paws up and down
snap dragons and baby carrots spin around
Helephant ears bounce around
Evil snow peas- pea pod is up on its side with peas going up in air
fickle pickle- throw his arms up
bushes bounce around
Fly traps start to dance
Trumpets bounces is vines back and forth

Gnomes - These funny little statues I have found they help with harvest but it does not matter how many you have. I can have 1 or 5 around a plant and get the same amount of harvest. I have found they do not help with growth speed in testing 2 kinds of plants both with and without gnomes both grew at same speed. I do hope we get more of a variety of these little statues as I am getting tired of the red.

Gardening and Decorating - I have a couple of tips, One being If you use the pick up all items It will leave soil and pots that have plants in them, it will pick up all pots that do not have plants. It will also leave soil that do not have plants. Next tip is location , remember some plant have likes and dislikes so locations of plants are a must to think about. I do hope KingsIsle makes it so you can move pots(only) with plants as of right now if you do the plant stays. Also Your inside and outside of your house are 2 different gardens, if you use a all plant spell it will not effect both inside and out. As of right now I am rank 7 in gardening and still learning more each day, my hopes are that these tips help the future gardeners of the spiral and until next time ,happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Edited: News just in from Arthur Wethersfield in a topic over at wizard101 Central
Pixies are good pest :) Here is the topic to help everyone.wizard101 Central topic

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Wizard101 News

Move over Santa Wizard101 is coming to town.

Any wizard that logs in between December 21st 2010 and January 1st 2011 will receive These awesome special holiday gifts. The Silent Night Christmas hat can be yours! here are the female and male versions. One per account. Visit wizard101 holiday gifts

Gift Certificate Pet, Ice elf, I got one of these last year from a friend of mine, Thank you so much, Wait- There is more Now you can have this rare pet too,or buy one for a friend/ family member. When you purchase the Gift Certificate the recipient of the certificate will have a Winterborn Egg. Once that egg has hatched, it will become the Ice Elf Pet, to find out more visit the gift certificate page Gift Certificates

Last Wizard101 has a new commercial over at you tube KingsIsle I am seeing some pretty awesome things in this new commercial.So I just thought I would pass some really awesome news along to my readers and until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dorm Room Gardening

Greetings wizards,

I wanted to talk to you about Dorm rooms. I know now everyone has houses and some players just not that into housing. Gardening can still be done in dorm rooms. Now remember there is very low item count 50 and plants and pots count towards that. Dorms rooms you cannot make soil plots so you must use the pots that you buy for gardening.
Note: Once you place the pot and plant in it you wont be able to move it so place it where you would like it to stay until plant is Elder.There are some really nice looking pots for gardening inside.

Tips: Remember Plants like gnomes so you need those and some plants do not like other plants. Dorm being one room It would not be a smart thing to have both laugh-o-dil and Desparagus in you dorm at same time or would you want to have stinkweed with other plants.
The image below show how to tell the dislikes and likes of a plant.

Now I have been testing how many plants you can have and still take care of them and still do some pet training ,myself I am figuring 5 max this still gives you enough energy to train your pet and by playing a couple min games each day. If you are a very avid trainer I would cut the plants down to about 3 once you level in gardening, You can get some much better plants that give better rewards. I would suggest starting with honey sickles and get them to Elders fastest so far to rank up.

Another tip is Stay with lower rank spells, not all plants have the same needs, so you are using 3 energy Vs 8 and up per area of plant. I would still learn all the pest spells as they comes in all ranks. Always Inspect your plant before using a pest control spell you would not like to use a 15 energy spell for a rank one pest and the inspect cost nothing to use. Hope this helps some players who just cannot afford or just a lower level wizards who cannot get housing yet with gardening inside your dorm room. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Oh I would like to show case a view of a house for you, This storm house from a friend Talon was made into a fish bowl it is a pretty awesome view please enjoy .:) Thank you talon for allowing me to view this house.