Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Inside Home tree,cont Pandora wizard101

Greetings Wizards,

Home Tree, well my version ;) Home tree is the place where the people of Pandora live. I did my best to recreate this wizard101 style version.This tree can hold a whole tribe of the people. I showed everyone my version of the world, now I hope you enjoy home tree just as much. The life school house has these inner root system that works perfect for hammocks the people sleep in, these hammocks hang from the the tree, so this are will represent that.

Now we move up the twisted spiral of tree columns , you will see animals plant life and Yes I do have actual gardens inside and outside of this house. First area I have stinkweed , it was kinda hard to hide the furniture item stinkweed likes litter, there is also in one part Evil Snowpeas with a Snowflake Obelisk, I really did not hide this as it went with the decor . Multi levels of this house are shown in this next picture. As we go up and through the tower we come to where they hold their weapons and shields. I planted bears here as the sand worked perfect for where they held their weapons racks. Next in line is the food circle this is where food was made and eaten.

Last on our tour I created a area I hope you enjoy as much as I do, in the movie there is this scene where the stars are swimming in a florescent pool area, water is pouring down and everything is lit up around them. I have laugh-o-dils and baby carrots for plants as they both like the fish fountains I used to recreate the water falls. bright colors to make the fluorescents even added a spinyfish to give creature to the area. I hope you enjoyed my version of my favorite movie for 2010 , Wizard101 Style ;). Until next time ,happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. No one has mastered housing more then you, Paige.

  2. I think we know who is going to win the housing contest lol.

    Great job!

  3. Woah. Thats a lot different from when i was there. Nice job!

  4. Hey Paige just to let you know I love it and I will definetly be making another post about this later but would you mind adding necroamancernation.blogspot to your blogroll thanks so much
    -Duncan Dragonblood


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