Friday, February 18, 2011

Celestial Observatory House, Just WOW!

Greetings wizards,
I have been playing in the Celestial Observatory House all morning and all I have to say is Wow! As i was testing floors and wall papers I was not paying attention to the beauty of this house,until I saw something out the right corner view. Besides the purple nebula which to me looks like a seahorse ;). I saw a flash of light. This made me stop and really look at this house. This flash of light was a comet! So I actually got a really good image of this.

So after seeing that, I had decided to stop decorating and actually look at this house. I am in Awe, of the spectacular views of this house. From the bottom floor of the tower all the way to the top floor I got some images for my readers. Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

While this house is in test Kingsisle is asking for it to be tested, you are able too buy this house for crowns 10 crowns only while it is in test. Here is the message from Kingsisle.

Please Test the Celestial Observatory House!

To make sure you have a chance to test the Celestial Observatory house, we have placed this house in the Test Realm Crowns Shop for a few days! It's only 10 Crowns so look for this house in the Crown Shop and PLEASE test this house out thoroughly!

If you encounter any problems with this house in particular, please send the following information in an email to

a Wizard Client Log
screenshots of the issue

The more you can help us stamp out some of the bugs in this house, the sooner these updates can be available to all players in the Live Game! And just a reminder, this house will only be available for Crowns for a few days in the Test Realm. When it appears in the Live Game, it will have to be Crafted!
Thank you!

I did test and only found a couple minor issues, which I reported as Kingsisle asked us to do. Hope everyone enjoys this house as much as I will be when it goes to live realm. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. The purple swirls off in the distance look to me like the Crab Nebula - clouds with a crab silhouette cut out. :)

  2. Wow, what an amazing house!! I'm going to try to focus more on crafting and saving components so I can possibly craft this some day... It's really beautiful - nice post Paige, and great pics, thanks for sharing!

  3. Sierra, It is the crab nebula, just looks like a seahorse to me.
    Thank you Ditto this house is amazing!

  4. lol it DOES look like a seahorse...

  5. Um I think you have to craft the celestial observatory not buy it for 10 crowns and the other house is 10000 crowns loock at my page
    I have the info
    Thanks Nathaniel LifeCaster

  6. And you are correct. Ki is offering this house in test only for 10 crowns to test it out.


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