Friday, February 11, 2011

Deadly Helephant and Evil Magma Peas

Greetings Wizards,

So we all know each plant has likes and dislikes. This will be a list of tried items for each of these 2 plant types. Myself and a few friends are trying to find the furniture like for these 2 new plants. These are in test realm.

Deadly Helephant- drops are pet snacks- mega snack- tower shields and pierce

plant likes
Honey sickles

Furniture Likes

Evil Magma Peas- drops are pearls,polymorphs,misc reagent.

Plant Likes

Furntiure Likes

Furniture items tried for both
Dark Sun, Dragonskull, Inferno, and Phoenix. Also the DS Obelisks: DrakeInferno, Phoenix. Plus the DS Upright Brazier blister and not the tier lava fountain firecat statue, altar with candles, campfire, campfire w/kettle, singed handbook, small candle, dragonfire brazier, singed lectern.spouted lava fountain or Lava- filled heated stone tower, pot bellied stove, sun icon, dragonflame torch, fire chameleon statue, draconic st light, draconic st. lamp... MB driller, mini games,fire sarcophogus, open fire sarcophogus, krok brazier, krok fire tablet, krok sun tablet, pagoda brazier, floor torch,wyrmkin,pillories with and w/out the skeleton,dead tree, dead briar tree, carved skull, skull,Blackrock & oni statue, anvil, fire bush, firewood, short roof vent, tall roof vent, sundial, pagoda candle, incense, small woodpile ,steam vent &magma blister.

Thank you Kevin Batteblood and SorceressMiklai for all the help you are giving
If you find these plants likes or dislikes please let me know. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige moonShade


  1. i cant find the plant likes. for example, house items. where does it show what they want?

  2. When you are in the gardening, controls It will show plant likes , as in likes garden gnomes.

  3. wow! those are some cool plants!

    -Malorn Ghostrider

  4. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THOSE PLANTS EXISTED! If I can get these plants, I'll look for the likes.

  5. These are in test realm, new crowned plants.
    Travis I'll post a picture of what it looks like for likes.

  6. besides items listed above as tested, I have tried domed tree, small maple tree, small fir tree, windswept tree, fire pit, red ancient statue, grandfather clock, drake egg, tiger lily, small wheelbarrow, wooden trough, flower petals, sun and moon krok tablets, marble stool, jail cell, carousel (crafted), sphinx (crown), bubbling cauldron (crown), red leaf tree (crown), satyr pet, unicorn statue - likes of previous plants, including claw statue, star chalice, weapons rack, blue yarn, oni statue, regal dragon, dragon skull , potted cattails, snowflake obelisk, litter, celestian power orb, fish fountain

  7. evil magma peas like boom shrooms
    neither like - any dandelions, fickle pickle, helephant ears, baby carrots, any bread fruit bush, any fly traps, trumpet vine, burning or maelstrom snapdragon, prickly bear cactus

    dislike: stinkweed

  8. Any word yet on where these two new Crowns plants can be found as drops?

  9. grrrr. i hope tehy can, so when there real i can get me some o' those pees fer them perls. (making crafted cl house, need tons o pearls)

  10. Evil magma peas like djembe drums,boom shroom, egg basket, pixie, gardening gnomes

  11. Where can you find Evil Magma Peas. I go to the bazaar and they are NOT there ever.

  12. They are a crowned item, so in the crowned shop.


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