Monday, February 14, 2011

Dorothy and Her friends, Wizard (101) of Oz part 1

Greetings Wizards,

As most know I have been very busy over the last few weeks crafting all the parts of the new Celestian Observatory, I cannot believe I am ready for the new updates to come out. I will be getting both the Island getaway and the Celestian Observatory. I am still unsure what they will be decorated as, always open to suggestions from my readers as in you tell me what you would like to see them as and I'll build it :).

Now I have been working on a house and the first part is complete. Wizard (101) of Oz. I would love to share the outside of this house as I am waiting on updates for the inside as I got many plans for the new wall papers and floorings from Grizzlehiem to be released. Inside is almost complete but the looks new these updates to complete the styles. Any way introducing Dorothy ,Cowardly lion, Tin man, and the Scarecrow. By using the Massive fantasy palace, I was able to make it so people have to follow the yellow brick road to the emerald city.Please I hope you enjoy this representation of this movie as much as I am creating it.

The yellow brick road became a challenge for me, ended up asking a friend How to make the flowers sit closer. Thank you Kevin. First part is where Dorothy lands in Oz. Her house crash lands on top a witch and she is given the ruby slippers. I even have munchkins which I used the very small garden gnomes for this. Toto is even running around. :). The crashed house was easy Dragonspyre ruins looked perfect for the crash landed house.

She is told to follow the yellow brick road to find the wizard who can help her get home. I used brown blooms and yellow dandelion to represent the yellow brick road, special shout out to Fallon and Cassandra for the idea for the dandelions gave it that extra little fun image for this brick road. Along her travels she finds friends to travel with A scarecrow ,the Tinman and a cowardly lion. I set each of these in their spots as they were found. There are even some really mean flying monkeys from the wicked witch , I thought imps would be perfect .

The scarecrow, Place in a farm along the road with baby carrots, bread fruit plants,desparagus & ninja figs to give it that extra fun :) The Tinman was a bit difficult, he had to have a house but left out in weather to rust. Boat tent worked for the house and I left him right out from under it, added some armor to make him look metal with a bit of coloring to look like rust. You can also see a cross roads and a bit of the fields,that put them to sleep right before emerald city.I used pink snapdragons flowers for the fields with pink dandelions. I think the cowardly lion was he easiest he had to be hidden in the woods. for the outfit he is wearing the Grizzlehiem fur ,witch doctor head dress and the claw looking boots. I do have bears and dandelions for the sounds of lions tigers and bears. Hope you enjoy these views.

One thing to remember when making themed houses placement means everything. If you don't see your theme no one else will. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Beautiful imagery, and I'm not even there in person to see it! Fantastic designing, Paige!

    I would say that sometimes people see things the artist doesn't; different personalities call for different interpretations. I agree, placement is very important for the picture or image you want to get across. But, even simplicity, or randomness, can be appealing too!

  2. Oh I so agree. I have seen so many fantastic houses in Wizard101. So simple yet gorgeous and fantastic. Just from random placements.

  3. nice, you should get some treants for the haunted forest and another mannequin for the wicked witch. Too bad KI doesn't make flying monkey pets....

  4. lol yeah! thank for the tip with the robe paige. some pals and i are making a movie, and as one of the characters is a lion(has no lines, in ONE scene, but very important)and i am costume./set designer. i was going to use masters cowl because it looks like it has ears, and colored right it lookes a bit like a lion mane. what shoes did ya use? i think it would be cool to see a movie of wizard(101) oz. characters could be players dressed in the costumes you dsigned, wicked wicth could have a broom mount... id be really cool i think.

  5. The robe and boots are from Gh. the hat is the watch doctor headdress.

  6. Very creative paige. Your house designs never cease to amaze me. I'm trying to make a bit of a spooky/deserted kind of house, but am having a bit of trouble coming up wiht ideas.

    P.S. Keep up the good work.

  7. --Connor SparkleCaster--
    Nice Paige... a suggestion for the Island Getaway, the inside could be a throne room and the hideaway could be a tomb. The outside could be a forest, don't forget aceint artifacts! The beach area could be a vacation area, and beside the house, in that fenced area, could be a spot marleybonians camped out. Be creative, and good luck on the Wizard of Oz! :)


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