Thursday, February 3, 2011

Test realm, Grizzlehiem wallpaper and flooring

Greetings Wizards,

First of let me ask forgiveness as I have been down with the horrid flu,I have only been on a few minutes at a time but have been able to do a bit of testing. I have been playing with the new Grizzlehiem floorings and wall papers, first off Way to go Kingsisle we so needed some new looks, cannot wait for more. New floorings are wood plank,wavy grass,claw marked,fur covered,pebble,rough stone, and crystalline tile. New walls are wood plank,patched seal log,runecarved bark,wicker weave,Grizzlehiem doodle,stars and stripes,
Stitched hide, and crystalline brick.

Not sure if many remember what my Grizzlehiem crafted house looked like before but here is a link to the video on central My Grizzlehiem Retreat ,(Just skip to the 3:00 minute count to go inside house) I have noticed I so need to update the video since the house has changed much but it will work for this purpose inside walls and floors for this test realm. When you first go in the house I added the fur covered floor for entrance then in main room the wavy grass and runecarved walls and wow what a big difference this house was lacking so much ,with these new walls and floors gives the house character.

Fur covered floor.

wavy grass floor and runecarved wall.

Now this is the house with the crafted showpiece kitchen I now know what it was missing all these times looking at it ;) I used the rough stone floor and patch sealed log walls, gave that kitchen that wow i was looking for. I also used the pebble floor where the water fall area is , I left the rugs so you can see what a big difference just adding a new floor made. Now to the bedroom area i made ,I used the clawed floor and the Grizzlehiem doodle actually looks really good :)

Patch sealed log walls and rough stone floor.

Pebble flooring.

GH doodle and clawed floor.

I have also got to preview the new Celestian houses simply amazing! love the new Celestial Observatory(crafted) cannot wait to craft it I see much that can be done with it and it has a PvP arena. The Island Getaway(crowns or gold), wow! who would not want a home on the beach front. Now in this house there is a little area off to the left , it looks like you should be able to go down there but unable unsure if this is a bug or not but I wish we could. IMO would give this house just that bit more it needs.

I wanna go down there.

For more info on the newest updates in test realm go to wizard101 updates . So until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    I'll look forward to see if you will experiment with the new houses on test!

  2. I am starting to feel better , Thanks.
    I am ready to play in test, I did buy the island getaway and plan of testing its limits ;)

  3. Sorry for clogging up your comment area.

    Nice house, really! I can see why you are considered "majoring" in housing (see Shadowthisle School of Wizardry). You really know what to put and where. I hope you feel better, and keep experimenting. You are really good at what you do!


  4. Thanks Quinn, and I fixed the extra posts it happens. Oh never fail I am already working on new house. I'll give a bit of a hint , it will have a yellow brick road . ;)

  5. Nice job paige. Your a real master decorator. If there was a badge for this, I have a feeling that that'd be your main badge from then on (you really deserve it too).

    Do you know what that brazier with the black smoke is called? I would love to have that for my houses (mostly my fire house).

  6. Flash,
    Which brazier? There are a few really. small smoke stack? That one has black smoke coming out of it and its small enough to hide. ;) There is also a really cool Clawed one from GH.

  7. The one I was talking about is the brazier that has black smoke coming out of the center (it then spills onto the floor and spreads out to a certain distance, like the fog in the haunted cave).

    I believe there are a ton of those braziers in the emperors throne room.

  8. The only one that acts like that is the pagoda shaped urn from Mooshu,but its white fog that spills out.


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