Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Mount Week!

Paige's Page & Wizard101 Central Contests!!

Greetings Wizards,
Kingsisle was so awesome to donate 15 lioness mounts to Paige's Page. As my blog is not set up to contact my readers, I asked Wizard101 Central If I could team up with them for this awesome mount week. They are amazing and told me yes, so YAY!!! So much fun and awesome mounts to give out at Wizard101 Central .

There will be 3 contests

1. Scavenger Hunt
2. Come find us in game
3. Random Drawing

Scavenger Hunt Prizes
10 Starshine Pony Mounts------> a what???? WOW! never seen that one before.
10 Royal Lioness Mounts

Come Find Us In Game Prizes
4 Starshine Pony Mounts
2 Royal Lioness Mounts

Random Drawing Prizes
1 Starshine Pony Mount
3 Royal Lioness Mounts

Even the Wiki Masters are holding a contest too! For 15 batwings!
Wow this is going to be epic! for more info on contests please check out Wizard101 Central on April 1st. Until next time ,happy house decorating.

*A big thank you to Wizard101 Central for letting me team up with them. Thank you to kingsisle for making this all happen.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Ooo I'm excited!! Idk which mount I'd hope for more lol.
    (Scarlet Fire Lv 38 Pyromancer)

  2. what time will your contest start

  3. where will you be and at what time? please email me

  4. Great Idea Paige! I will be looking forward to the contest here and on Central!
    Good Luck everyone!

  5. All contests are being held at wizard101 central. If you click on the Wizard101 central in the topic it will take you there. Contests will start sometimes April 1st over at wizard101 Central. Hope to see you there, Enjoy!

  6. Thank you for the info and hope to get a chance to meet up with you

  7. Hi Paige, how do I participate in the contest?


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