Sunday, March 20, 2011

Housing Showcase Cody RavenThorn

Greetings wizards,

I got the pleasure to visit a wonderful MFP this last week, simply awesome is all I can say. The designer of this house is Cody RavenThorn. He took much thought to make a completed detailed tropical house which includes a beach front and oceans.

Cody also went underground and made a complete area under the arena, this area is full of lush plants ,water and landings. I was under when they were battling as I watch above me one player casted a leviathan and I swear that thing came all the way down to where I was and tried to get me. It was pretty awesome! Here are a couple of pictures of the under and of the arena area, I also posted a picture at the start of this segment of the beautiful fountain Cody designed.

As I went inside this house I knew I was about to take a trip to an exciting place. First area I went to was a sandy beach front with water oceans I swear I heard the waves crashing in. There was fish cooking and even a cabana for anyone who wanted a rest. I had a good laugh at Cody's defenses for his little tropical paradise, what could be better than Wildclaws ready to shoot off pet cannons. As I traveled up I came to a maze of tropical palm trees and little out coves, there was even a little wading pool perfect to let your pet have a drink of water. There was another little area that would be great for a rest spot or good meditation in a shark hut . I set all these areas in a slide show. I hope you enjoy this house as much as I did.

I am sure there were so many places in Cody's house I did not even see them all. I do hope to return to his house again or maybe even showcase another one day. If you know Cody do not forget to see this house in person as pictures never do a house justice. Oh wait I got this little gem of a view I thought my readers might enjoy It is the inside of a water fountain, very pretty! So until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Giving a little shout out to Colin SandBane, Nice meeting you!


  1. My eyes! The awesomeness burns!

    -Natalie Lotusthief

  2. Wow, nice house! I myself am putting the final touches on a Beach House myself,although it comes with the ocean. It takes real talent to create a ocean where there is no water.

  3. I swear I've seen that house before, but not in person, maybe youtube? Nice job Cody.

  4. That's a nice house. You said that you could see under the arena.
    That would be cool to see; I wonder where the ice and lightning elves go when in the ice or fog, as that would be cool to see.

  5. The area under the arena that you that real or just an illusion ? I have a MFP and would like to know how to get under my arena if that is possible.

  6. Cody had to build that area. You do the rugs trick from the lowest part of island and go under.


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