Monday, March 14, 2011

Wizard(101) Emerald City

Greetings Wizards,

I finally got my inside of my Oz house completed. I think the hardest part I had was the green. O.o There aren't that many green walls or floorings in Wizard101. I believe I changed the walls a over and over with every green background there is, It really needed to pop! I ended up going with the the green Arboreal Wallpaper and Wavy Grass. I made 6 areas for this piece the to Emerald City, a ball room, walking paths , the wizard, & the wicked witches tower. I think I'll use the slide show to show this house as I had some wonderful friends come and help me with the ball Room scene I wanted. Thank you all so very much meant a lot.

On to the house I have a few scences of the ball room , I never realized how hard it was to actually get it to look like wizards are in a ball room dance. I decided to make a slide show for these images.They really do show how much fun we are were having trying to make it look like a dance. I even had someone try to pour water on me cause I was dress like the wicked witch.

We are off to see the Wizard, I decorated a few rooms on the way but the best parts are the Horse of a different color,my Fog unicorn made this perfect. Thank you to the person who mentioned it. The 3 Images below show the way to the Wizard(fog uni), the Wizard and the Wicked witches tower. Hope you enjoy them.

Players  ask me all the time, how do you decorate so many houses? It passion, I decorate because it makes me feel good. I love to see players enjoy my houses and I love to see players enjoy their houses. Wizard101 Housing has come so far in the past 2 years and I am thinking about going back to some of those early houses and redoing some. I will post some before and after shots in days to come. One thing I want to say to all my readers. Just remember we are all decorators even if you place a few items randomly or do themes its the passion & fun you have decorating that counts. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. very nice! Your houses are always very interesting, I like the wizards area.

  2. You are awesome, Paige! Excellent housing as always! And...I say you at the party!!! XD

  3. Awesome!!! Wow!!! That house looks awesome. Aren't you making a movie ? This would be the most awesome set! Awesome house!!!

    Lol a lot of 'awesome's' lol


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