Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wow what a week

Greetings Wizards,

I have had one busy week. Been decorating the new houses, lots of crafting.I believe my Celestial Observatory is pretty much completed just minor things still being crafted as in the coconut drinks and I am missing a dropped table . I'll post a video at the end of this update. Please forgive me for the quality and there is a pause between going from outside house to going inside, I am not very good at making these, sorry. I am calling this house my Celestian Space Station Biodome, my friend Alric actually gave me the name . ;)
Been working on my Island Getaway, Beach area in pretty much done. I wanted to give it that island resort feel. I actually have one picture of the beginning of that house. Here is the start of the beach area.

Let's see other stuff seems red Jello and koolaid has taken over the spiral(it's ok it will be fix soon enough). Floating furniture is a bit harder But still can be done, patience wizards and everything will work out. Your are still able to use creates and boards and rugs just turning them makes them get stuck, a few suggestions. Make sure you are inline to where you want your item to go this away you do not have to turn the rug and board once placed.Trial and error and a lot of patience and you can still get the look you want. I was at my friends Kevin's Celestia house and we were trying to catch a comet we got pretty close in this image .

Other news:
Friday There is a PvP Party: Welcoming CL Housing Over at Diary of a Wizard, to find out more go to
PvP Party I will be hosting this weeks party at my Celestian house.

Sunday Big staff/Member party over at Wizard101 Central , to find out more go to March Madness. I see much happening contests, PvP & races!

Hope to see you at both these events! Until next time, Happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. TALON NIGHTSHADEMarch 3, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    WOW!!! that house looks awesome Paige!!! You know , what is that pet you have, it looks like a death heckhound. Cool house though!!


  3. We craft the house piece by piece or one piece at once? Kewl house btw :)

  4. The house it's self is all at one time. you must craft the pieces to craft the house though.

  5. How do we find the materials we need besides getting them in the Bazaar?

  6. You find reagents by harvesting and buying them. Make each piece them make the house. Here are some guides to help you find what you need and where to get them.

  7. What did you use to record on wizard101, plz reply, and i love the house :)


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