Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pet Egg Coop 101

Greetings Wizards,

Today I am going to show you how to make a pet egg coop, what is a pet egg? It is a new little pet for Easter ,you can dye these pets into a variety of colors ,even two shades of colors just like you would Easter eggs. Here is a image of this cool pet.

Now you have your pet or maybe you have many, what are you to do with them? I made a pet egg coop and I am going to show you my readers how to create one too. This will be a step by step to help show how to create this piece. First off you need a crafted pavilion, its a very simple recipe,and it is my favorite item for this week. You can acquire this recipe from Felicia Worthington, Marleybone. Once you have your pavilion we can continue.

Here are the items you will need to complete this piece of course your pavilion ,three broken wall segments (bazaar is where I got mine),three tatami mats (Mooshu housing shop), three small blue trimmed rugs (Wizard City housing shop,two crates(bazaar),a tic tac toe board (Wizard City housing shop),and misc decorations and front panels (bazaar).I liked the lunar tablet cause it looks neat. Now we have everything to create this new piece. First step is placing your Pavilion make sure you can move all way around it. This is a big piece so you will need room. Once pavilion is in place we can start with set up for the walls.

To work on walls you need a set up with one create and rug; one board and rug; and one tatami mat and wall segment. To crate the rug and create part you will need to attach two rugs end to end and place them on two crates, make sure that it's placed so one of the rugs is off one end. Now grab the crate that only has a bit of the rug on it and move them apart. Now take your wall segment and place it on a tatami mat. I like to place them in a angle so you only see a bit of the mat after wall is placed. To place a wall set up one rug and crate where you want wall to go. Then place the rug and board on top of the rug and crate. Now place the wall by only moving the tatami mat,and make sure to pick up only the rug. This will leave the wall segment in place. Repeat this for each wall. Here are the images to help.

Now we have our walls up and now we need a front cover. I used the lunar tablets but you can use another wall or anything else you may want to be creative ;). If you use a wall It will stick out on one end but I am sure you can decorate to make it look great. Like I said I used the lunar tablets. To use these and get them close enough to pavilion, so I needed to float them on a rug and board set up very simple, place rug and board them tablet then move rug and board away by moving only the rug.

Now for the fun part ;), Decorating your coop trees, straw piles, egg pets, and plant life. Anything you would like to see in this area. Be creative! How ever you would like your coop to look is up to you :). I am going to show you a cool little trick I found by accident. How to get your Pet Egg to go up and down the ramp of your coop. Grab hold of you pavilion and move it, yup I said move it, it will leave everything in place. It will turn red place it some where else and pick it up. Now replace in the same exact spot it was in to begin with. Place egg pets , some close to ramp, some inside this will allow the pets to move freely up and down ramp. Kinda cool huh? I thought so :). There are images of the finished piece,and my pet up on the ramp below this. Hope you enjoyed this week's segment and until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Ooh, nice Paige! I may try something like this :) kudos to your awesome houses

  2. Awesome! though i'd never get the pieces to make that.

    ~The Cool Theurgist

  3. Paige i have a blog it is:

  4. Thank You Elijah
    Looking good so far keep up the great work .:)

  5. where do you get the pet egg?

  6. Pet Egg can be obtained from Eggbert in shopping district, from hatching with someone who has one already. Also use to not sure if you still can from hatching a WC dragon with a colossus( I am unsure if the dragon and Colossus still works).

  7. My blog Is

  8. Such an extravagant idea! I will for sure try this out! If anyone needs a pet egg I have one xD

    P.S. Connor. I am checking your site out and I am following you and adding you to my blogroll.
    Could you do the same for me?


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