Monday, April 4, 2011

Weeky update. & Showcase

Greetings wizards,

It has been so much fun giving away all the mounts over at Wizard101 central, I wanted again to thank them and kingsisle so much for allowing me to do so. So many other contests ,Wow! it has been so much fun watching all these and watching wizards of all kinds winning new mounts.
Thank you all.

So on to my update. April 1st was a blast What could be better than getting a Pet rock wow so many memories came rolling in. Yes I use to have a pet rock,I even had a pet rock family ect... Kingsisle even made it animated, soo cool! I also want a Rock'in house ;)

I have a mini showcase for you, from John LifeGlen. He made a really great area for diving in his house. First you stop and the diving shop and buy all your needs tanks ,masks, ect.. From the shop lady. Then you dive right into a colorful area of corals and sea creatures. Hope you enjoy these 2 images of his diving shop and aquarium.

As I was rummaging through my wizards the other day I found this dorm room I created for a old contest I had about dorm rooms. I took a few items away from it but had forgotten about the top and its all still there. Here is the image of the top of that dorm room.

I have been going back through all my houses and seeing what I can do to make the older ones better, some I will never change and some I will be updating. Maybe I'll so a few segments of the old and new looks for you my readers. I am working on a new project. Thanks to The Friendly Necromancer for giving me a new nickname which gave me the idea. McMoonShade's farm . ;) I have plenty of the Pet Egg for my chicken coop. It is going to be fun creating this house. More to come about this house.

I am also trying to get some of my readers questions answered on how things are done ,one being going under things. I hope you enjoyed this weeks segment and until next time, happy house decorating.
Update: I found a really good Topic on Wizard101 Central about going under
Going Under Video

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. 1. Thanks for checking out my house!
    2. Thanks also for that "Going Under" video you have. I've been looking for how to do that ever since I saw a balance with with a descending staircase months ago.

  2. Malron you are very welcome. I still want to take pictures of your house . I loved it.
    The person who made that video did a awesome job :)


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