Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sultans Palace a step in time

Greetings Wizards,

A forgotten palace
Once there was this magnificent palace where a mighty sultan lived. Lush oasis and sandy lands now taken over by the creatures that were once loved companions. You can tell at one time there were grand battle fought here from the look of the arena, it still hold its look of water flowing all around. Many cats which were the companions of many still roam these sandy lands and oasis.

Once you find your way into this beautiful designed palace you can see there were once grand banquets, the banquet hall now taken over by the sands and oasis that have broken through. As we travel through more of this forgotten palace we can see a trophy hall, still in perfect condition as if persevered in time.

There was once much learning of the old ways in this palace, you can tell from viewing this grand hall of learning which is starting to decay from the times of years gone past. Old scroll racks and faded chairs and some pretty persevered tables is all that remains. Once in time justice was severed in this next grand hall. If you listen really good you can still hear the fire of the candles that burned bright to light this darken hall.

We come to a small area, wait this looks as if it is still being used? Meditation burners are still smoking but how? You start to hear what could be a settlement of some kind. You travel towards the sound to find a camp of monks that has decided this would be the perfect place to stay out of the elements of the desert. They greet you into their camp.
You find peace.

I hope everyone enjoyed my story of the forgotten palace, if was much fun to create. Some tips for decorating themes. Let your imagination flow and tell a story. Try to make sure all rooms of your house can tell a story from start to finish. Details- pay very close attention to each and every detail, even the smallest little book to a simply plant can make a room. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Housing Showcase Talon

Greetings Wizards,
Todays showcase is from a player I met over a year ago. I had a decorating contest for dorms over at Wizard101 central in which Talon had floated his way out of the out and over the dorm room. Talon to this day still floats his way out of bounds and has become a really unique designer.

In the image above you can see how far away I was to get that cool picture. Talon made this island getaway a full off shore resort. I made a slide show in the order of how my travels began at Talon's wizard101 house, I will post it at the end of this segment.

You first have to swim out to get to the landing sun deck and go up and over the diving board. I dunno if I want to dive off those that shark looked pretty mean. Up to a shaded area then swim back to shore. Oh yeah I even got to meet his pet wavechanters. Cute :)Back on shore you get to see a wonderful fountain Talon created. As you go inside you find a shark hut area and a really cool image I took of under the waterfall you can see this in the above image. I do hope everyone enjoys this week housing showcase and much as I did. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sultans Palace Day 2 of Decorating

Greetings Wizards,

Yesterday I had shown you the newest feature to Wizard101. I have been asked when are they coming , well I would start looking at your local Gamestops in June. I do understand some Gamestops sold them early. Remember to ask for the Mega Bundle gift card not the Epic Bundle. On to the fun stuff.

I have been busy! As you see in the top picture been playing a bit decorating the outside with proud lion mounts placed on the first walk up pedestals and yes they can still roam free but they always will be there when I first arrive at the palace to greet me. The outside has only begun we will continue with this another day . ;)

Let's move on inside. I have 2 rooms completed and one I am just not sure if it will stay the way it is now, although I am starting to feel my theme beginning. Desert Oasis is what I am going to be calling this sultans palace house. Over the next few weeks I will be crafting and finding items to transform this house into a lush oasis. This first picture I am going to show you is the very first room I transformed.

This next room I have is a bit of fun. There is a treasure room hidden below where the genie is in this palace and the first thing that pops in my mind when I saw this was oh wish I had a crane to pull these golden statues out. :) Anyone remember those crane games? You know the vending machines at the stores where you ask for a quarter or more now day. Well I made my own! See there is this golden oni statue I would really like to place in my house only if I could get that claw around it. I got a really fun picture of a old fashion crane game and my version.

I finished the room off with pet cannons to protect my treasure. a wheel barrel to collect it with a ice colossus pet helping out. A very nice solar bed , of course I am sleeping down there! and One of my newest favorite pets a topaz kraken which is golden himself.

As the days go by I'll be posting more and more rooms as they all get completed. Until this house is completed at that time I'll post a video of the completed piece. Tomorrow I have a housing show case from Talon of his Island getaway. Until next time ,happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sultans Palace and much more!

Greetings wizards,
As you can see from the picture above I have a new house. :) This house comes from the new mega bundle card available soon from gamestop. For me the house alone is worth the 39$ but it comes with wow so much more!

Sultan's Palace
Additional Castle Space Elixir*
Random Minigame Kiosk Housing Item
Magic Carpet Permanent Mount
Charmer's Mystical Flute
Sultan's Attire Clothing Set
Snake in a Basket Pet
plus crowns or 1 month sub

There is even a Genie! That will grant one wish per 24 hours. This is per wizard no matter who's house you collect it from. You can get anything from gold, treasure cards,reagents and pet snacks!

There is so much detail for this house, Kingsisle really did a awesome job. From sand sculpture lions , desert oasis , water circled battle PvP Arena to multi garden areas and we have not even gone inside yet!

Once inside we step into a grand view of high ceilings and the detail is breath taking. 8 rooms. Middle room is multi level with a balcony. Hidden passage that leads us down to the treasure room and genie. I got a couple pictures of the grand design of this magnificent palace.

As I run through this Sultans Palace my mind starts to see a visions of how I want to decorate this amazing house. So much can be done and I for one will be spending days just designing on how I want things to be placed. As more and more players go get their very own I hope to do many housing showcases for this palace. Hope you enjoyed my views for this Wizard101 new mega bundle gift card and until next time, happy house decorating.

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

p.s. I thought it would be fun to get a video of the snake in a basket pet dancing enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Housing Showcase Malron GhostRider

Greetings wizards,

I recently got to visit this very unique Island getaway Wizard101 Celestia. This houses is set in a maze style full of Jungles and hidden areas just full of exciting adventures. When you first get to the house You see a grand wall of Celestia tree stumps ,you know right then this is gonna be different.

As go start to wonder through the maze you come to spot that are unique all their own, from jungle crypts to goat monk gardens. He even has a lions den, the lioness was very friendly . Here is one spot I came to that I was fully surrounded in a lush jungle.

Continuing around the maze You find areas such as Krokotopian Shark jails, now that was a fun spot. There was a trail that you had to walk over Marleybone drillers ,Watch your step! I would not of wanted to fall off there. When you come to the end of the maze you find yourself following a warriors path, very well placed. Photo below.

I made a slideshow of my trip though this exciting house. It starts at the beginning of my adventure through this Island house with all the areas that just made me go wow! I do hope my readers enjoy this housing showcase as much as I did visiting it. Awesome Job Malron GhostRider. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Monday, May 16, 2011

Housing Inventory, I can find my Items!!

Greetings Wizards,

Have you gone hours on end to find that one certain item? Rummaging from house to house and still not be able to find it? Well your prayers have been answered! Our friends at Kingsisle made it possible to just click on your attic and find all the items you have in that house in a one stop area. We can now find that potted cattail that was placed and forgotten in a year ago house!

I have been so busy with Wintertusk, I never got to properly Thank
Arthur Wethersfield for hearing my pleas of not being able to find items throughout all my houses. So Thank you Sir! You made this Wizard very happy :D. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Nick Jonas Talks about Wintertusk

Nick Jonas is a very talented young man. He takes the time to talk about his new experience on composing music for the Wintertusk world In the very popular online game Wizard101. Mr. Coleman and Mr. Durall talk about how pleased they were on how all the music came out for Wintertusk. I do have to say my favorite piece of Wintertusk music is "The Depths of Nastrond" Simply fantastic! To watch this interview Visit Exclusive on Nick Jonas

Your friend
Paige MoonShade

Friday, May 13, 2011

New wizard101 Commercial

Greetings wizards,
I am posting about this new commercial for one simple reason, Can you guess what it is?
First off Wintertusk!! Now that looks totally cool. What I want to point out is that magic carpet mount and what is that???? Maybe a new house??!!. Or, I know how often has everyone asked to go to top of krokotopia, you know that unreachable island???
I cannot wait to see all this new stuff. Until next time Happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Superstar Singer/Producer Nick Jonas Revealed as Wizard101 Mystery Composer

LANO, TEXAS (MAY 11, 2011) – KingsIsle Entertainment, creators of the award-winning online game Wizard101, announced today that the soundtrack for its new expansion world, Wintertusk, was wholly written and produced by superstar singer/producer Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.

“This was a first for me. I never produced or wrote music for a game or in this case, a whole world before. So I jumped at the chance to work with KingsIsle,” said Nick Jonas. “It was very cool to be part of a project that allowed me to help create the mood for Wintertusk and interact with an audience in an entirely new way.”

Over the last two months, Jonas composed seven pieces of environmental music that serve to define the personality of the icy world of Wintertusk. The project required Jonas to create compelling original work fit for a frozen virtual world, while remaining faithful to the game’s exacting musical standards.

“Nick Jonas is an extraordinary talent and it’s been an incredible experience to work with him over the last few months,” said Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director for Wizard101. “When you listen to the music for the new world of Wintertusk, it’s clear that Nick is an endlessly creative composer and producer with an amazing degree of versatility.”

Wizard101 is one of the most popular online games in the United States,attracting more than 15 million registered users in the US alone since its launch in 2008. Designed to provide safe and fun online entertainment for the entire family, Wizard101 continues to experience extraordinary growth and receive industry acclaim.

About KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
KingsIsle Entertainmentis a developer and publisher that specializes in creating high-quality massively multiplayer online games which provide entertainment for the entire family. Wizard101, KingsIsle’s flagship property, received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Seal of Approval in 2009 and has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards. Wizard101 was named Best MMO of 2010 by Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine, Best Family MMO of the Decade by Massively.com and the #1 Best Family Game of 2009 by MMORPG.com. The company’s experienced and creative team is raising the bar in online entertainment by offering products with rich storylines, friendly navigation, top-quality art and fully-voiced characters. KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has a development studio in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit www.kingsisle.com.

KingsIsle and Wizard101 are trademarks or registered trademarks of KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is test realm?

Greetings wizards,
I know we all are having fun in test realm. Then a Player asks the question- What is test realm? Test realm is where KingsIsle allows (Subscribers and Players who have purchased crowns in the last 30 days) Time to test new features coming to wizard101.

When you first download test realm you should read the Test realm Rules somethings might not be the same as in live. Test will start from when KingsIsle uploaded your wizard info to test realm,not from the day it opens. Let's say KingsIsle moved your wizard info a week before test opens This means anything you did from the week they uploaded to opening will not be there, levels, new wizards and areas completed. Don't worry though your live realm will not be effected and is still safe. Nothing you do in test effects your live realm account.

KingsIsle will give you a set of things to test out ,they want their wizards to test everything from new features to old features that have been revamped. Visit Update notes to find out all the newest features to test out. During this time KingsIsle wants you to report anything that is wrong so they can fix it. I found a really great guide written by Fawne at wizard101 central , please visit How to fill out a good bug report . The report bug is your friend during test and will help KingsIsle know what needs to be taken care of.

I want to answer some questions I have gotten.

How do I test new and old features?
This is simple check the updates area posted above and start playing. Some advise for new test realm players. Take notes. If you find a bug , reported it and take notes so you can go back after they maintain test to see if it was fixed. Test realm will be taken down every few days or so to repair bugs. Check the places where you did your reports and see if it is fixed. Remember KingsIsle is getting tons of reports every hour /day they want to make sure they are getting bugs fixed.

Are those crowns mine?
Yes they are your free to use crowns while you play in test realm, use them to test new crowned items, pets and crowned players can buy areas with these. These will not be carried over to live realm. KingsIsle will also refill your free crowns every so often while test is going on. Enjoy them, I know I do ;).

How long does test last?
Well this depends on how much needs to be repaired and on if KingsIsle has a time line. Timelines are count downs to when test goes live.
Mystery Composer for the new Wintertusk.

I hope this helps some of the newest wizard tester out there ,just have fun! Enjoy Wizard101 test and until next time.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade