Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is test realm?

Greetings wizards,
I know we all are having fun in test realm. Then a Player asks the question- What is test realm? Test realm is where KingsIsle allows (Subscribers and Players who have purchased crowns in the last 30 days) Time to test new features coming to wizard101.

When you first download test realm you should read the Test realm Rules somethings might not be the same as in live. Test will start from when KingsIsle uploaded your wizard info to test realm,not from the day it opens. Let's say KingsIsle moved your wizard info a week before test opens This means anything you did from the week they uploaded to opening will not be there, levels, new wizards and areas completed. Don't worry though your live realm will not be effected and is still safe. Nothing you do in test effects your live realm account.

KingsIsle will give you a set of things to test out ,they want their wizards to test everything from new features to old features that have been revamped. Visit Update notes to find out all the newest features to test out. During this time KingsIsle wants you to report anything that is wrong so they can fix it. I found a really great guide written by Fawne at wizard101 central , please visit How to fill out a good bug report . The report bug is your friend during test and will help KingsIsle know what needs to be taken care of.

I want to answer some questions I have gotten.

How do I test new and old features?
This is simple check the updates area posted above and start playing. Some advise for new test realm players. Take notes. If you find a bug , reported it and take notes so you can go back after they maintain test to see if it was fixed. Test realm will be taken down every few days or so to repair bugs. Check the places where you did your reports and see if it is fixed. Remember KingsIsle is getting tons of reports every hour /day they want to make sure they are getting bugs fixed.

Are those crowns mine?
Yes they are your free to use crowns while you play in test realm, use them to test new crowned items, pets and crowned players can buy areas with these. These will not be carried over to live realm. KingsIsle will also refill your free crowns every so often while test is going on. Enjoy them, I know I do ;).

How long does test last?
Well this depends on how much needs to be repaired and on if KingsIsle has a time line. Timelines are count downs to when test goes live.
Mystery Composer for the new Wintertusk.

I hope this helps some of the newest wizard tester out there ,just have fun! Enjoy Wizard101 test and until next time.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


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