Thursday, August 4, 2011

Celestia New Crafted Item Test realm

Greetings wizard,

I have been playing in test all morning with the new feature: Housing Teleporter! You can use this crafted item to move from house to house or from area to area within a house. So Myself and a few friends were having fun porting from house to house. I want to tell you how these amazing little things work.

Step one after crafting the teleporter place it in the place you want to return too. In the image above you will see I placed mine in my MFP house. You set the teleporter my clicking on the green arrow. Now simply pick it up and go to next place.

As you see in image above I place my teleporter in my sultans palace. Now the fun part walk into telporter and Behold you are in the place or house you first set your teleporter. I for one cannot wait to see the fun and fantastic thing players do with these teleporters. As I only made one I would like to hear from you if you crafted more and tested how or if you can port from house to house to house. Until next time happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Now they comes in COLORS!


  1. Thats kewl :)

    quick question: Where can I get Celestian shields?

  2. Vanessa
    Housing Item Dropped By Curuin Charmtooth, in the District of the Stars

  3. Question though, Where do you get the recipe for the teleporter?

  4. Test realm from crafting vender in celestia


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