Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Krokotopia items in crowned shop, & More from test realm.

Greetings wizards.

I am sure most know about these new items in crowned shop in live realm , you can purchase them with either crowns or gold. One item is the mummy on a stand ( image above) I love this piece you can use this for haunted houses , museums or just to have that Krokotopian feel.

New pieces are the ice mummy far back ( image below), the krokotopia Obelisk and the krokotopia pressure plates. I love how the Obelisks light up and see these being used it a variety of houses. The pressure plates are great i do wish they lit up when you stepped on them but they are still great pieces. I see these being used in so many ways.

I know everyone has been hearing me say I already found the houses I want from Wysteria. Well here they are. ;) For a big house I would love this vines covered building. here is the outside and inside of this building. I would at least like the ability to have vines covering a wall inside a house.

Now I want to show you the smaller house I so want badly. This house is in Tanglewood. There is only 3 rooms to this house but it has such unique features I fell in love with it. Outside (first image below) Looks like a loft style with a balcony. Next 2 images after that are the inside 2 ways to enter this house up stairs and down stairs. The 3 rooms are simple yet beautiful and that fire place well you can see the images. ;)

In all I hope these 2 dream houses become a real item in game. Until next time , happy house decortaing.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

P.s Is this not to most adorable plant you have seen?

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