Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weekly Update

Greetings Wizards,

So I have been busy making teleporters for a new house I am creating. I think the hardest part is that i cannot share them with other wizards. I am crafting these so it is taking me time. This house will be ready for Halloween and the Theme is Wizard101 Fun-house. What is a fun house?

Appearing originally in the early 1900s at Coney Island. The funhouse, is so called because in its initial form it was just that: a house or larger building containing a number of amusement devices. Some could be described as enlarged, motorized versions of what might be found on a children's playground. The most common were; A slide, A large spinning disk, A horizontal revolving cylinder or "barrel , Sections of floor that move or go up and down, areas that cause you to jump or get scared, and mazes and mirrors.

Wizard101 Teleporters are going to help me create this theme, along with a MFP ;) It might take some time but as I create this I'll show pictures Little sneak peeks before the grand event near Halloween. here is the fun with teleporters video and until next time , happy house decorating.

Your friend ,
Paige MoonShade

Video made by KingsIsle


  1. Sounds exciting! I've only come across a portal or two in the Wyvern's Hoard, but plan to craft many of them. That pack also offers a lot of other interesting items such as a Chicken Coop (love it!), Bird Bath, Bird Cage, Bamboo Grove, etc. I've also come across some crafted items in the pack including and aquarium and a cuckoo clock.

    Let me know when that Fun House is open, I'll be sure to check it out!

  2. Sure, I am up to 3 houses plus the dorm for this 11 porters now. Plus trying to decorate it to be fun is the hardest part.


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