Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wizard101 Decorator

The Wizard101 Decorator
By Paige MoonShade

Was the end of House-a-Palooza, all young wizards scramble about

All trying to get the best bargain no doubt;

From the bazaar to shops ,decorators are in such a delight;

All were trying to get their houses just right,

From floors to walls to even the smallest spaces;

Each item all put in their perfect places,

Wait! these colors don't match, this sofa is to big,

Now there is no place for my Ninja pig;

Moving all the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle,

Hoping the whole thing does not turn to rubble;

One more time we can get this I know we can,

Ugh it's not fitting oh come on man;

Moves the plant and the rug replaces a fountain,

I wonder if it needs a mannequin?

That's right, its working, What a pleasure to see,

Does that plant need bees?

I think I got it, The wizard says I Think its just right,

Come view my house, its such a beautiful sight.

Happy decorating to all and to all a good night


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