Friday, August 19, 2011

Wysteria goes Live!!

Greetings Wizards,

Wysteria is making it's way out of test realm into the live realm of Wizard101. Players who are level 25 and up will be able to travel to this run little world to meet new professors and battle in the tournament for the spiral cup at Pigswick Academy.
Pigswick Academy is located at the heart of Wysteria and is a rival school to Ravenwood.
Wizards will get to visit Pegasus Aerie and watch the flying Pegasus. You also get to see Tanglewood Way. To read more visit August 2011 patch notes

New housing Teleporters!
This new housing item is fantastic! I cannot wait to see what Wizards can create with these I can see mazes running through 3 houses. I might even have something I am going to create for Halloween this year. ;)

This new item can be crafted or purchased with crowns as pack of 6. Teleporters come in 7 colors ; green, cyan, purple, red, orange, white and yellow. When crafting these you will need a school spell for each color such as stormlords for purple or fire dragons for red.
I think the colors I am really interested in are the white, red and purple. Maybe the green but we will see. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Hey Paige, I love reading your blog and seeing what you can do with houses and such! I, too, can't wait to see what wizards can do with these portals and I myself have an approximately 500,000 gold project underway involving portals. If you ever find that you have extra treasure cards or can craft some for the portals (excluding Storm Lord and Scarecrow), then I'd be happy to make a trade for them, perhaps you need Storm Lord of Scarecrow? Anyways, I hope to continue to see updates on what you're doing with your latest houses and portals!

  2. Well hello swordroll. Oh yes i plan on playing with these a bunch. I can see mazes from house to house for Halloween and such.. P.s. add you to my blog roll.

  3. Wow. Porters are expensive. I love what you did with your dorm Paige, just awesome!

  4. M.W.S ,
    No that is just the pack you can get them by single or craft them too. They even come in the new pack.

  5. how do you craft a porter


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