Monday, October 24, 2011

KingsIsle teasing new Wizard101 content pt 2

This time courtesy of Zam

WizKathLight and Kevin Battleblood deciphered the Morse Code: "Down in the Depths" New code "At the top of the world"


  1. My guess is an extension on the Celestian Islands! Look at those trees in the background. They look an awful lot like the floating land's willow trees. And, top of the world fits too, as the floating land was a high mountain, that's why it wasn't sunken.

  2. Dont single out the first clue Malorn, it also says Down in the depths. (with ironically ALSO sounds like celestia) anyway i believe its a new world. this is to much hype for just an expansion to floating lands. why would they extend it anyway seeing as it's already served its storyline purpose. so yea, just 1 more clue!!! cant wait!!!

  3. What I meant was that yes, it would be kind of like a new world, with new storyline etc, just make you explore more of Floating Land (a bit like wintertusk exanded on Grizzleheim). Although, I don't really believe that anymore. It could just be that KI is just recycling the same trees over again.


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