Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Sun Palace & 2 New Gift Cards

Super Bundle Coming Soon at Gamestop 39$ and so worth it!

Enormous The Sun Palace
Giant Hornocerous 2 passenger Mount
2 Handed Dancing Blade
Chieftains Gear Outfit
Pet Giraffe
Mystery Teleport Tapestry
And one month membership or 5,000 crowns

I for one absolutely adore this house. The sky glowing red and yellows. This palace is enormous I counted at least 8 rooms ( might of lost count ;) ) I did find the battle arena though. It is that big, item count is 250/250. It has interactive doors , meaning you can click x to open them. The inside view of this palace is such a grand view with craved wooden heads, vast open rooms and the decor of large open windows and walls fans made me take in a deep breath , so beautiful.

Outside yard areas are just as beautiful as the indoors, vast landscapes running streams and the waterfalls, there is even a ape that gives you prizes each day. The water falls are in 2 places the brilliant blueish green water of the outer area and then the double crystal blue waterfalls inside the cave area makes this whole landscape surreal.

The gear with this GameStop is like any of the bundle cards you get to choose your stats same for the dancing blade. I will tell you I normally do not like the look of the gear but this is not to bad. I really like the blade it comes with. The pet giraffe is so life like and adorable. The outfit is able to be dyed, it comes in red but I just cannot rock that color.

Giant Hornocerous 2 passenger Mount , this is about the best mount I have seen . Its fun to give rides on. ( I was in the commons giving rides yesterday. ) It also helps you when you are questing with a friend or your other account. Just add the player to a group and they will get the click x to climb aboard, to get off the mount all they have to do is hit a arrow key.

The Hawk Rider Bundle ( Walmart )

The Hawk Rider Bundle Includes
High Flying Hawk Mount
2-Handed Clay More
Ranger Outfit
Night Hawk Pet
Teleport Tapestry
1 Month or 5000 Crowns

Both of these cards come with a teleport tapestry wall hanging the Gamestop card comes with the teleport to arena and the Walmart card comes with teleport to the bazaar, only one per card. Hope you enjoyed this segment and until next time , happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Wow! I love these new bundles! After looking at someone else's Sun Palace, I noticed those doors and assumed that they did open and close, but only the owner has that option.

    I love so many of the new items available here! The swords and mounts are very nice as are the tapestries, which are almost housing essentials! I fear that I may have to be making a few trips sometime soon.

    You have some nice pictures, there! Have you found the secret area in the Sun Palace? It's a little area right next to the smaller waterfall between the arena and the cave entrance.

    Thanks, Paige, I always enjoy your posts. :)

  2. When does the new $39 card come out at gamestop do you know?

  3. I would keep a look out here

    I am hearing they are in Texas now?

  4. Swordroll, the 9th picture from the top is the giant gorilla cave.

  5. yep thats a gorrilla.he gives presents daily.

  6. this house is so amazing :D i am so gonna get it!


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