Friday, December 9, 2011

Lights! Camera! Paige! The trip to the Lone Star.

I was in Dallas, TX on Nov.21 and 22nd having the most amazing time with Fred Howard (I know, right? WOW!) and a filming crew at Green Grass Studios. The Studio is known for doing commercials and is not owned by KingsIsle. I met some writers from a few online gaming magazines...such as The Friendly Necromancer!!!! He is such an amazing person. I also met some of the most AWESOME of wizards! *Waves hello to the young wizards.*

I have actually been on the other side of the camera before, watching and meeting some very amazing people, but I have NEVER been in front of it! I was worried at first, but because this was familiar to me (and because I remembered that I’m here to help KI), I eventually felt calm. What I’ve learned from this experience was, “Be yourself, and nothing can go wrong. Even if you are a bundle of nerves just take a deep breath and talk about what you know best.”

If you are reading from a script or talking about something you love, it’s much easier to do if you express your true self. I got to talk about my Balance wizard, how much I love housing, and how fun Wizard101 is (especially having the opportunity to play with family and friends). And, I didn’t forget: it’s also YOU, the community, and how awesome every single one of you are! Let's not forget to mention how easy Wizard101 is to play, along with a depth of complexity as you advance further and further!

We even had an makeup artist “do” us up, which was so much fun! (Therapeutic in a way...) ;)

Hey, Friendly! Close up time! ;) I see you in the mirror there.

At one point during the day, we sat down with Fred Howard and talked about the game. It was so much fun to receive and share insight about the Spiral. *Gasp* I just sat down with Fred Howard! Now I sound like a star struck kid! ;) It was such a surreal experience.

What is better than a geek convention?
( A bunch of wizards in a room with a time lapsed camera! ;) )

We all got signed posters, and I got a Professor Greyrose poster! Images below:

We toured the studio, and found some interesting space doors. Shh, don't tell anyone! ;) I also saw some interesting paintings and props. I cannot wait to decorate a house to look just like it. (More to come in the next housing post. ;) ) Everyone will have to wait to see it. I do think I will be using a Balance school house, though. All props were owned by the Green Grass studios.

This painting was named “Spiralman” by Friendly. I am sure you can see why.

The props included drums, a ship cannon, ship’s roping stand ( what is that called again? )... I have a question, though: Where's the ship??

I got to ramble about my younger days in drama class, when the first "Dawn of the Dead" movie came out (the year is not important!). We all dressed up as zombies, and actually got kicked out of Zody’s (sorta like Target’) and the mall! (Here I go again, rambling!) I know you all don't want to hear those stories.

Oh! Wait, did I say I was in the commercial too? This commercial starts airing on December 12th, on Lifetime and Oxygen networks. I cannot wait to see it! It was such a humbling experience...and I felt so honored that I was given this opportunity to help KingsIsle promote Wizard101. I want to mention that the whole filming crew was simply amazing, and it was fun to be able to meet all of them. Below is a slide show of more images...I about died when I saw the James Dean picture! I looked silly! Thank you, Friendly, for taking these for me! *Hugs!!*

Update: here are the channels for commercial
TVLand, Gameshow Network, investigation Discovery, Chiller, CLOO, & lifetime movie network

Your Friend,
Paige MoonShade

Thank you Kevin for the help. You are amazing.


  1. Your beyond lucky to have met them!!! :D

    I can't wait to see your commerical ;)

  2. That sounds like it was an amaziiing experience.! Not gonna lie, I'm kinnda jealous (;
    Can't wait for the commercial. ^^

  3. congrats, that is an awesome experience. Thank you soooooo much for sharing that behind the scenes experience with us.

  4. BTW - why is the Professor Greyrose poster backwards? Is that to give us more of that behind-the-scene feeling?
    and I loved that artwork. Are you hinting we will be able to get it for our houses? AWESOME :)

  5. is it backwards? It looks the same direction as my Malistare one I have. The art work is just what the studio had , nothing to do with KI. I would sure love it though.

    Thank you everyone for your kind words.

  6. I guess it is. Funny how that turned out. Must be because of the camera?

  7. I feel like i've seen you before... You were the lady sitting in the chair in that one pic right?? Do you by chance live in Minnesota? (You don't have to answer that question if you don't want to) Because you look strangely familiar...

  8. I am in California. Yes that is me sitting in the chair.

  9. That's great that you got to have such an awesome experience, Paige! I can't wait for the commercial to come out and will definitely be watching for it. :)

  10. Ok we get that your honored, and I like Wizard as much as the next gal, but please tell me they actually paid you :P

  11. Anonymous said...
    Ok we get that your honored, and I like Wizard as much as the next gal, but please tell me they actually paid you :P

    Haha! Honored? It was my honor to help kingsIsle to promote Wizard101. Payment? I refused the payment.I was there because I want to help KingIsle promote the Wizard101 a game I love so much. If you want to count it . My payment was the amazing and fantastic trip I got in which I had such a blast meeting so many.
    That was all the payment I needed.

  12. Thank you for sharing the stories and photos from your big trip with us! Better hope TMZ doesn't start showing up outside your house now that you're a TV star! :D

  13. Oh dear lord TMZ , how funny! Icy you re a sweetheart.

  14. Hey Paige, it's your old friend Duncan Battleblood, remember me? You accidentally deleted me from your friends list because of a bug or something. Anyway, I have this problem where I can't get on my account, I type in my username and password and it says they're incorrect. I'm English by the way.

    1. Hello Duncan,
      I remember you but unsure why you are not on my list I believe i saw your name yesterday but as not online. I would contact KingsIsle to find out why your account is not working. or use the email

      Hope this helps.


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