Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Twelve Days of Wizard!

Until December 21st, Wizard101 is celebrating the 12 Days of Wizard! Each day they will have a different surprise in store for you. Some days will be free giveaways, while the others have great Crown Shop sales or new items. Check The Calendar each morning to see the new surprise!

December 9th:
Wizard101 Charity Chrismoose!

December 10th:
Winter Holiday Poetry Contest

Ready to flex your creative mind? Entering our Winter Holiday Poem Contest is a great way to get into the festive spirit!

December 11th:
Free Colored Light Strand!

December 12th:
12 Days of Wizard - Pack Sale!

Save 50% OFF on:
• Mega Snack Packs
• Wyvern Hoard's Pack
• Dragon Hoard's Pack

December 13th:
The Arctic Ninja Pig!

December 14th:
18 New Holiday Housing Decorations!

December 15th:
Free Snowman Transformation!

December 16th:
New Candy Cane Mounts!
Choice of 6 colors red, green, red and green, yellow, blue, and pink.
December 17th:
Check your E-mail for a Mystery Coupon!
December 18th:
Free Silent Nightcap!

December 18th:
New Holiday Plant The Boon Tree!

December 20th:
Save 50% OFF on Select Mounts:
December 21st:
New Snowball Pet!

I'll edit this post each day.


  1. My Wizard is Travis DarkThief and I want to win the 12 days of wizard!!

  2. Hello Travis,
    For each items or contest please follow the links to the main wizard101 web site. Good luck !

  3. For the 16th, there are six colors available: Red, green, red and green, yellow, blue, and pink. Good job on this, though! You can edit these in.

  4. I know Thank you When I actually updated this post there were only 3 colors showing in crowned shop.


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