Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pirate101-Showcases! Show me yer Hideouts

Avast! Me Mates Jan will be' Pirate101 Housin' 

Have that perfect hideout? Want me t' showcase it? Now would be t' time for me t' start visitin' them.
Send a email to with the title Pirate101 showcase and we can try to set up a time for me Perilous Piage to visit your Pirate101 house to showcase it here on Paige's Page.

I will also be posting  decorating tips throughout the month. I have already posted some basic tips for bunk house decorating Here and Here

If you are under the age of 13 please have your parents or guardians permission.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday Houses-Showcase

Lindsey Goldenglove's Wizard City Play House has been transformed into a winter wonderland. You can tell Winter has hit Wizard City and left a fresh blanket of snow. Lindsey cleared a walkpath path through the snow sp all her friends could come and visit.

I Got to go to a couple Holiday parties this year, this first one is the House of Christina IceDreamer Most know her as IcyWiz I got a very lovely image of the full grand hall Is it not beautiful? I even got my tea :)

Next party was Kelsey Fireheart's Holiday House Each room decorated in that Holiday feel and Wow was there a turn out. I thought I would snap a picture of the place where everyone first came to house.

Thank you all for allowing me to visit your Holiday Houses. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all. Until next time, Happy House decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade

Monday, December 24, 2012

Congratulations!!! Pirate101

Pirate101 is my game of the year. I know just to be nominated for this Award is a win in itself. Myself just watching this game grow to what it is now is an amazing feat. One I have been so honored to experience .Kingsisle has made anything amazing game. So if you are reading this go out and check out Pirate101!!

I have tried many games since i started playing computer games and none have kept my attention like Kingsisle games, so for me Pirate101 is my game of the year.

I want send my congrats to Kingsisle you so deserve this award!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays From Paige

Holiday House

I wanted to create a new Holiday House this year. I do hope you enjoy it as much I did creating it. With the new items from the yuletide pack you are able to make it snow in your Wizard101 house! I have been asking for this feature since the very first December after housing came out. My very first Christmas tree I used Balls of yarn to create it, that tree still stands to this day. This year I wanted a new looking tree so with those giant ornaments it was really fun to make. 

 As we head inside the house becomes a winter wonderland. Snow is falling within the first area room and in the Ice Skating ring. Each room is made up for guests , a story telling adventure room , Ice skating ring and many more that will be shown in the video made by my friend Johnny from Wizard101 Central. He did a really good job on the video too I do hope you enjoy it.

Last 2 rooms I will show are the Ice Skating Ring where the snowmen and the Charity Fa-la-la--llama skate around and enjoy the snowing icy room. Last but never least we have Santa busy with his elves trying to get ready to make that one night trip of giving out gifts. I do hope you enjoy my Holiday House , until next time. Happy House decorating.

Thank you so much Johnny

Alura Dawn--Housing Showcase

Alura Dawn's Krokotopia Oasis House shows that she took much care in decorating the house. What Alura has her "Retreat after and long day of questing." It is very beautiful. 
~Breath taking~
Hidden treasure rooms  to a grand oasis. There is even a smaller oasis that will be shown in the slide show at the end of this showcase.

Alura's favorite room is her open living room, shown in the image above. Alura's  house has many great rooms although I would 100% agree that I love her open living room. Each of the multi level rooms have their own touch. Thank you so much Alura for allowing me to visit your house.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Home in the Sky

Starts music ;)
Home in the Sky
By Perilous Paige

Oh, give me a sky where a pirate can fly
where the bone drake and buffaloon play
Where ever you roam the Armada run home,
and the Pirates fire cannons all day.

Home, home in the sky ,
Where the Bone Drake and the Buffaloon fly.
Where always is heard,
The Armada is scared!!!
And the Pirates take over the skies .

Pirates do combat those lurky Wharf Rats,
with their muskets of shooting sparks.
I see Bonnie Anne over there and El Toro is here,
to save us from the Cutthroat Sharks

Home, home in the sky ,
Where the Bone Drake and the Buffaloon fly.
Where always is heard,
The Armada is scared!!!
And the Pirates take over the skies .

So many Pirate ships sailing through the skies,
I love to see the cannon fire fly;
Avery,Phule, even Deacon's there too
And One Eyed Jack is one wise guy.

Home, home in the sky ,
Where the Bone Drake and the Buffaloon fly.
Where always is heard,
The Armada is scared!!!
And the Pirates take over the skies .

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tales of Merciless Mina De Bouff -3

Mina got t' this town ridin' on a whale, Mina thinks t' herself this be much better than I thought it would be. I had vision o' fish everywhere! This be not bad at all with all t' wooden structures and wait, be those pelican people? Mina walks up t' t' one named Captain Ahab t' ask about t' Frogfather. T' Captian proceeds t' tell Mina about his bucko Brody who be lost and asks Mina if she would help find him." 

Mina finds Brody,  he got himself in a great big mess surrounded by sharks, Mina thinks " Why does all these people get in trouble like this?" Anyway Mina helps rescues Brody and takes him aft t' Jonah Town. Once aft t' Pelican Captain asks Mina t' help find his Nephew Norville so Mina helps, after all if thar be a kid that needs t' be found Mina be t' one for t' job! Did I tell you Mina bucko Clever Cole Collins came t' help? He be a great bucko, always helpin' Mina out and look at him go!
T' pelican Captain tell Mina t' go into a bucket t' be lowered down inside t' whale, wait, What?! Mina thinks this does not sound like t' best thing t' do but okay and jumps into t' bucket. Captain! Bonnie says"This be not t' best smellin' place around!" As Mina and her rugged crew slowly walk up t' a frog?! Mina thinks, Wait, we be lookin' for t' Frogfather so Ahoy! okay Frogs we have seen worse, right?
Mina and her crew finally make it in t' see t' Frogfather. even though some frogs lied t' Mina she still made it! If a Frog lies can it now be called a toad? Not swordfish, RIBBIT! Anyway aft on track.  After Mina helps t' Frogfather gather some spices and believe me it was not easy! For little monkeys they were many.T' Frogfather tells Mina t' go t' t' hidden docks. Mina's parents ship!! Mina be so very happy t' see her parents. Is she not a Beauty? Mina Out..

I want to send a great big Thank you to talk like a Pirate Translator. without it Mina's Tales would not be so Piratey.

Steven RedHunter-Housing Showcase

First view
Welcome to Steven Redhunter's Elf Village. Steven has a way to place things just right to show the beauty that can be made in any Wizard101 house. So many great features to this house from fountains to wall ladders to climb up and over the icy mountain. 
Blue Elf Village

Steven's favorite area was fun for em as Soon as i crossed the flower bridge, My favorite area by the way I was surrounded by all these little blue elves . It was really cute!  Hope you enjoy this showcase as much as I did. Thank you for allowing me to visit Steven Redhunter.
My favorite view

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Avast! Me Mateys! There be Bunk house winners!!!

All the Judges have search far and wide and check and debated and they came to agreement. There be decorating Pirates out there in the spiral! Even though this first annual Bunk house contest did not get a big turn out. We got one! 32 entries in total. Without further talking from me, here are your Pirate hideouts!

Grand Prize
Cutthroat Bundle
20,000 Crowns
Kai Strong
3 Marleybonians were lose on an unknown jungle in Skull Island. While struggling of search of Marleybone, they also seek food and water.
One day, while the sun burning 10x hotter than ever before, they were ready to give up,  until Marshall Doug Pupea sensed a camp, not to far from where they are right now. They were amazed on what they have found. Food, water, a camp, and all around them, tribal weapons, and tribal decors. There was also a rowboat, possible for fishing, because the lake is not too far from the camp. They all guessed the Waponi's was the original holder of this camp, and somehow vanished. They made this camp their home.

Second Place 
Castaway Cove house
10,000 Crowns
Two-Faced Anne
With her parrot at her side, a hook for a hand, 'n her sword at th' ready, she laughs 'n says:

Ahoy Matey, welcome to “Escondite”, me safe-haven in th' seven skyways. It be a favorite anchorage 'o band 'o pirates 'o th' past 'n currently home to me, Two-Faced Anne. I be a force to be reckoned wit', espicially durin' them epic battles in Port Regal 'n Subata Skyways. But not even th' great Two-Face Anne be able to rule th' Seven Skways without me havin' 'tis proper hideout.
Escondite meets th' needs 'o any scurvy pirate worth his weight 'n gold but don't get any ideas me matey 'tis be mine:

* 'tis a place to store supply 'n keep them safe from th' elements 'o island life.

* a place to sliumber in th' heat 'o th' day or th' chill 'o th' nightfall.
* a fire pit to cook up me grub or provide heat when needed.
* 'n a special area just to store me weapons 'n practice sword fightin' so me never gets rusty.

So ye scurvy-waggers be warned, tis me safe-heaven 'n me battle ye to th' end fer Escondite!
Third Place
Cutthroat Shark Companion
5000 Crowns
Two-Faced Neela Noble
Who would have thought that spiral defending, hard fighting, swashbuckling, Neela would enjoy entertaining her companions at her private hide-a-way. Neela loves preparing foods that she’s harvested from her garden, and fish that she’s caught from a nearby stream. Always considerate of her guests, Neela even provides a hammock to allow her companions to grab a nap while she prepares their favorite foods. Perhaps those two opposite personalities is how she earned the title of Two-Faced.

8 Honorable Mentions
2000 Crowns

Crazy Ryan Upham 

Sneaky Tristan Nemasmith
Shy Jane Davis
Faithful Francesco Xanderman
Daniel Silver
Charming Angela Ashburn
Toby Dodger

7 Random Draws
2000 Gold
Dead-eye Justin
Obnoxious Michael Quince
Loyal David Dove
Victoria Everhart
Darcy Maxwell
Merciless Morgrim

All winners have been emailed their prize codes

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Practice PvP Goes Live!!

Practice PvP means it is all for fun and games, to be honest I like this version over any ranked  though I know many players love to receive ranks. There are two houses to to battle other players in one being the brawling house and the other the sparing chamber. 

These houses can hold 1v1 up to 4v4. All battle are turned based much like the battles you do while playing the game.. Look for both PvP houses around The Kraken Skulls Tavern. Who knows you might even see me there. ;)

In this new update you can also have 1v1 in 2 of the bundle houses! The Castaways Cove and the Volcano Island both have PvP rings. OH! and check it out houses have gone up from 100 items to 200!!!!! One thing I am very happy about :D. One more thing I am happy about is that my Swashbuckler  Perilous Paige can learn riposte. This skill give you a bonus attack when a enemy misses. 

To read more about these new updates check out the game update notes at Pirate101.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Congratulations to the color me pets winners!!!

 Congratulations to everyone! 
Everyone sent in amazing pictures!! In no particular order here are your winning coloring's. Each picture will have a tag with wizard name. Here are the 20 Bundle winners!! 

At the bottom of this post are 10 honorable mentions each will receive one Amaranthine Staff. So many amazing entries!!

Michelle Unicornbringer- Love Toad
Calamity WinterBlade Astral hydra
Sydney Shadowcatcher Rainbow Piggle
Autumn Starwalker Shadow Dragon
Blaze Legendslinger Rainbow Spider

Keelan Dunestrider Dragon 

Tabitha Darksword- Unicorn
Chris DrakeFlame- Rainbowzilla

Matthew Mythglade- Pastels
Thomas Jade Hunter - Lucky bat
Hunter EarthFlame -Mischief
Paige Dreamcloud- Tin Kitty
Alex StormRider Patchwork frog
Jenna Thunderheart Christmas Serpent

Jonathan DeathShield Dark Unicorn
Lenora NightWraith  Bat
James DragonCatcher PatrioticZilla
Joshua Jaderunner DreadSnake
Diana Rosestone-Candy CaneZilla

John Spiritflower Candy Cane Serpent
Honorable mentions
Travis Thunderglade 
Katie Ward
Chelsea Swiftwisper
Daniel MythRider
Kymma Anvilheart
Ethan Battleblade
Alura RoseBlade
Emma Starblood
Lenora Nightwhisper