Thursday, February 23, 2012

Housing Showcases

I have a few houses for you today, the houses of Alex LionHeart, our very own Ditto the Fabricated American, and a new one from Talon Blade. Lets go in order and start off with Alex's house. He decorated his house to throw a birthday party for Fallon, His houses were exquisite with dining halls ,  gardens and he even had a mannequin of her. I really enjoyed looking around all of his areas and houses.


Dining Hall


Now we are off to our very own Fabricated American Ditto's houses. ditto had his Wizard anniversary (Wizaversary) and decorated his houses to have his party. I got the pleasure to view his houses before the party and took these couple of shots of the parts he really like. I love his dragon hatchery,I could see Madame Jasmine having so much fun there.

Portals to all Ditto's houses

Dragon hatchery

Last house for the  day is Talon Blade's he allowed me to take a shot of 2 places of his unfinished houses.  His wizard tower he went up and was able to show the dragon that lives in the tower. He also had this amazing Owl in the Moon Cafe,  you can actually see the owl and the moon.


Owl and the moon

All these houses were simply outstanding! I was so honored to have viewed them all and until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


  1. Those are some amazing houses, I am very jealous that's for sure.

  2. Cool that you put Ditto's and Alex Lionheart's houses since I heard about the parties from a podcast!


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