Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome to the Wizard Games

I created this house based on the book The Hunger Games. I used the main areas of the book for my themes; District 12( Grizzleheim), the Capital ( Wysteria ) and the Arena itself. I will be using the Tag game that was in test realm once it is released to live game for the actual game part of this house. That is when this house will be open for full viewing. I decided to post this blog post because so many were asking how the house is coming along. Once the tag game is released to live the house will be open for the games.  

I hope this blog post takes you on a journey to The Wizard Games.  Lets begin in Grizzleheim a basic way of life such as farming and hunting with simple living areas. There was once a coal mine here now only bits remain. The day of the game Belladonna Crisp (Effie Trinket) comes to call the names of the wizards for those who are to join in The Wizard Games. She reaches her hand into the large fish bowl and pulls a name.


Belladonna Crisp
The wizards take the train to the Wysteria I used a teleporter for the train and a toy train for the sound effects. Once the train stops at Wysteria the wizards see that there was no lie about the grandeur of this place. Fountains, bright areas, even the people showed of magnificence with their bright colored clothes. The wizards all head to a great dining hall where you can eat as much as you want.


People of the Wysteria 

Time to eat.

The wizards have their own dressing rooms where they can talk with their mentors and stylists. Each room has their outfits for the ceremonies and places to rest up for the games. Though I am unsure how much rest they will get thinking about what will happen in the arena. 

The training center is were the wizards can train and show what they are capable to achieve in the games, in this room you will find weapons practice dummies and books to helps each wizard learn and get ready for games. At the top of the training center there is a garden which is so relaxing this is also where the interviews for each wizard happens.

Room girl

Room boy




 The last place we get to view is the opening of the games This is where all the wizards will land in the arena.  You can actually see the beginning of this large arena where each wizard will have to fight for weapons and supplies.  I used a teleporter so everyone can land in the arena. This arena has traps, places to climb up trees and even a cave.  I have added many hiding places throughout the arena. I will only show the beginning of the arena  as we have to keep somethings to those who will be playing the games there. ;)


I wanted to thank Suzanne Collins for this amazing book that gave me the inspiration to create this Wizard101 house. I also want to thank ; Luke GoldenHorn, Bailey Skystaff, Rachel Seabreeze and Katherine LightWalker for helping with me costumes and details. Until next time, happy house decorating.

Your friend,
Paige MoonShade


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