Friday, March 30, 2012

Trolling Stone Pet!

New from KingsIsle  The Trolling Stone pet!!!

No, this is not the Pet Rock. This is absolutely not the Pet Rock.

Trolling Stone pet in the Crown Shop! You have to hurry though, he's a limited time offer pet and will only be available until Monday, April 2nd at 11:59pm US Central Time.

Ditto Wizard says:
Saying the Trolling Stone is the same as last year's Pet Rock is like saying Clark Kent and Superman are the same person! Totally silly! No, definitely NOT last year's pet rock with disguise glasses on. Certainly not! I love him!

Paige says:
Can I name him NOT Pebbles? So adorable and cute!!!  I am still laughing . Brilliant!

Heather says:
I named him Chico! ( wonder what Angel will say) Not Chico? Where's Mick Jagger?


  1. hehe. I named him Chico because that was the only Marx Brothers name I could find. I wanted to name him Groucho, but alas, they don't have that name option yet.

  2. this pet is so cool! Perfect for April fool's Day! I gonna name mine either Pebbles, Marley or Jasper :)


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